Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Day With The Grands

Where do they get all that energy? After chores they spent the day in the woods building a "tepee village" and traps all around it covered with moss so no one could sneak up on them. They each built their own tepee from brush and small trees that Joseph wanted cleared anyway. They just had fun while doing it. Even BoBo had fun being guard dog for the village.
We finished the day and way into the night with a game of monopoly. I didn't think that game would ever end but at 2am we had a winner (Zack). I am puppy sitting this weekend while Megan and family go to the beach. Tish (puppy) and I have the place all to ourselves till Sunday night. The grands ask if I was going to party but I am just going to enjoy being alone with all the peace and quiet. Its been a long long time since I have been totally alone for any length of time. Have a wonderful weekend, I know I will!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Your grands look like happy, well-adjusted kids---full of tons of energy and creativity.

BUT--I'll bet you will enjoy a few days of peace and quiet. I know that when I'm with my grands, they totally wear me out. I just don't have the energy they do!!!!! ha

Enjoy your calm!!!

Hope you have had a great day.

Mildred said...

Morning Peggy, Such imagination and energy they have! I'm sure BoBo is a great Guard Dog!!! Hope you enjoy relaxing - looks like a good weekend for reading in the shade!

Kristie said...

Peggy, I just emailed you. I hope your email addy is the same. ~Kristie

Marci said...

What a blessing to your Grands to get to be with you for an extended period. Grandma's are special people and you sure fit that bill!!

amelia said...

Looks like a peaceful weekend for you. Enjoy!

I had my youngest sons family last weekend and I'm having my middle daughters triplets next weekend so I'd better get baking!!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I grew up in a wooded area. The woods offered so much entertainment for us. We did not need fancy toys, just time, space and our imaginations to enterain ouselves.

We were a Scrabble family. It was easy to set up and did not last as long. We did play Monopoly occasionally.

I feel so badly for you that you could not have Diva and Sammi with you. You not getting them seems mean spirited to me. I hope that is not the case. I am glad you are surrounded by people who bring you joy.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I'd love having the place to myself, enjoy!

Rachel said...

I'm sure it will do you good to have a nice quiet weekend after all the activity and energy of kids!! I don't know where they get it either, but I guess we had it when we were kids too!! I remember my young days of so much energy!! Don't have it now though!!

I'm glad you like your new haircut! I had mine cut short and it's so much easier to care for, and everyone says it looks better.

Dana said...

Im happy to see you are having so much fun:)

Barbara said...

Peggy, Your grandchildren are darling and I wish I had just half their energy.

It sounds like you are doing better and are finding peace and happiness. I pray this for you.

Purple hugs,

Mary said...


I have been busy with the boys and have missed visiting here, but I played catch-up. It looks like you and the Grands had a fabulous time in the woods making the tepees. That would be such fun.

My heart goes out to you that Diva had to be sold. I know how much you loved her. I am keeping you in my prayers. Yes, God has a reason for everything.