Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snowy Tuesday

Today has been cold with snow flurries. We had rain for 5 days and the road flooded which meant some nice quiet time at the cabin. Enjoyed staying in and not going anywhere for a few days. Today I had Baby E as she is still sick. Her cough is worse so she stayed with me instead of going to daycare. I met Melody at the doctors this afternoon so hopefully Baby E will get better soon. Grandson#4 has a wrestling match this evening. I wil be taking him so Melody can stay home with the baby. Have been knitting and sewing on some projects. Watching old movies. Megan has alot of my mother's old VHS tapes and I am enjoying all of them. We are planning our garden and Brian will be plowing the ground tomorrow. The girls and their families are already planning their summer vacations and asking em to go along. Will have to see when the time gets closer. I am almost over my cold and the rest of the family seem to be slowly getting over theirs. This one sure wore us all out. Will be back to posting rergularly the first of Feb. Expecting more snow Thrusday, Friday and Saturday..... I can't wait. Tomorrow I will be keeping baby E so she can rest. Melody is busy at work and after being sick herself doesn't have any days to take right now. So things are still moving along here. God has blessed me well. Take care and will catch up on all of you very soon...... I promise

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

The cold and coughs are still running its course through the family. Melody and 4 of her kids are home with it. I am still coughing and Megan's family are still coughing and sniffing. Her son is home today with stomach bug. We have had rain today and suppose to rain tomorrow and Friday. Working on a stitchwork for a friend of Megan's that is getting married Friday. Watched a dvd last night called " Red Furry". It is really really good if you get a chance to watch it. Enjoying my devotional book from Connie alot as well as cd player and radio from Kelly and Alex. Have done some stitchwork on my curtains and a little decorating around the cabin. I have lots of photos that I hope to one day get posted. Have a blessed week!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Sunday

We have had rain for a couple of days. Friday was so nice I had baby E and her brother J  (3) outside most of the day. Melody is now caring for J as well as baby E each ight while their mom works. Jgoes to headstart each day but had a cold Friday and stayed with me. Melody now has 7 children counting baby E and J. I don't know how she does it but she just glows. She has one more semester before graduating college while working fulltime as a family advocate. Her kids are in band, wrestling, etc so she also runs them to practice and games. I don't know hwere she gets the energy. After having the 2  babies all day Friday I was ready for bed early! I will enjoy hanging out with Megan's 2 Monday and Tuesday as there is no school. Granddaughter and I have some sewing projects planned while grandson will be target shooting with his bow. I am still taking pictures and will be back online regularly soon I hope. I am trying to slowly catch up on everyones blog but it will take me awhile. Think of you often and hope you have a blessed week!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chilly Tuesday

Temps are still cold with some snow and ice still around. Tomorrow is suppose to be 50F so it will feel like a heatwave. Baby E got her shots yesterday so has been a fussy baby. I won't have her after this week as she will go to daycare during the day and Melody will keep her at night. Having a baby around has kept me busy and tired but sure will miss her. Rusty will be happy to have me all to himself again. Exams going on with the grands at school so they are busy with studies. I think they all are praying for a big snowfall. LOL  Colds and coughs are still running rapid in our family but hopefully will play out soon.I did get to do a cleaning job this morning. A friend watched the baby for me. I can't wait to get things back to normal so I can post photos and catch up on everyone's blog and news. Take care and count those blessings.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Sunny but cold Sunday here. Still have some snow and lots of ice. Water has frozen the past 3 mornings but Brian gets it running again quickly. Temps have been in single digits every day but I love it. The ice on the lake is so beautiful. The dirt road out to main highway is finally safe to drive. It was very icy and slick for several days. I enjoyed being cabin bound with sewing, knitting and movie watching to keep me busy. Temps are warming up this week with no snow predicted for awhile. I am still waiting for a nice big snowfall. Homemade soups and chili has kept my crockpot busy and very tasty on those cold days. Rusty has decided he likes the middle of the bed and I should sleep hanging on to the side of the bed. Troubles takes the whole bottom so there is no stretching my legs out either. Makes for a very funny nights sleep. I tried moving to the sofa but they both followed me which made for even less room to sleep. The grands say Rusty and Troubles are more spoiled than they ever were with me then turn around and spoil them too. Life at the cabin with baby E during the day is busy but enjoyable. I will have her again this week as she is still congested. Grandson #3 has spent the past 2 nights with me and we have stayed up till 1AM watching movies and talking. Tomorrow school and work will have everyone back to their routine. Rusty will be pouting during the day until baby E goes home and then we will spend the afternoon giving him all the attention he thinks he missed out on and a nice walk by the lake. Its not the farm life I had before but its a happy, peaceful one that I am blessed to have. I hope you have a very blessed week!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Here

Baby E has a bad cold and going to doctor today. The rest of us have had or have bad colds too. Snow coming this afternoon and through Saturday. I am in heaven of course! Sorry I haven't been able to post often or post pictures that will take a week to see them all but I promise soon I will be back to regular postings and catch up on everyone. I miss you all and am very blessed to have your friendship!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby E

I am taking care of Baby E during the day this week so won't be on the computer very much. Am having lots of fun spoiling her though! Take care and will catch up with everyone soon. We are having cold temps but no snow. Grands are back at school. Daughters and son in laws are all back to work so things are kinda quiet. Rusty is jealous of Baby E and sulking in his bed. Will have to spoil him tonight to make him happy. Life at the tiny cabin is moving along.