Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

From my little devil (who isn't happy with his costume) and myself. Lots of pictures tomorrow of the halloween bash.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Quiet Day

Good Day Everyone,
It is so quiet today. The grands are back in school. Daughters and Son in Law's are at work. Quiet is good sometimes so I plan on embracing it and getting somethings done for the big Halloween bash. The grands carved their pumpkins last night.
With a little help from their dad I think they did a awesome job. All the grands are getting excited about Halloween and having their friends come to the party. They have changed their mind several times on what they are dressing up as so I guess I will just have to wait and see Saturday.

I am sitting at the computer in Megan's livingroom and am watching Rex and Tisha. They are on the back of the love seat looking out the window, waiting on the grands to come home from school. They look so sweet.
I am so sad my sweet friend Rosa's mother passed away. She had the most beautiful smile in the world. Her eyes lit up and you could just see the love and happiness flow from them.
The weather has felt like summer the last couple of days. Yesterday was 75F and today is suppose to be the same. Showers and cooler temps are scheduled for tomorrow.Seems like we should be decorating for 4Th of July instead of Halloween. I have done a little decorating to my tiny cabin. Megan gave me some windsocks, skeleton's, and pumpkins that light up. I made my scary man to sit in my chair though looking at the photo I can see I need to fluff him up a bit. Troubles and Rusty have been climbing on and laying in his lap.If you are looking for a yummy but easy donuts then you really must try Farm Chicks recipe. I made a batch and we all loved them. Plan on making more as soon as cooler weather comes back.
These applesauce donuts are perfect for a cold night with a cup of hot cider or hot chocolate.
Now I think its time for me to go enjoy the quiet of the day. Have a blessed day and don't forget to count those blessings.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teacher Work Day

Meant grandma got to spend time with some of the grands. Movies and popcorn last night. Pancakes for breakfast. A little football, a little jumping on the trampoline, a few games of bingo
and a few games of boggle and it was time for lunch of hotdogs and homemade fries. A few more games of bingo and a snack of fresh hot brownies and it was time for 2 of the grands to go home. All in all it was a fun day and I think grandma won't have any trouble going to sleep tonight.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Grandma Report

Yesterday was so sunny and beautiful but today the rain is back. Yesterday I had some running around to do and was going to work on a scarecrow today. Hopefully the rain will pass on by and I can get outside this afternoon with the grands to make him. I forgot my camera again for the molar mobile! But Julie has one more appointment and I am going to make sure I pack my camera the night before. Saturday will be the 8Th annual Halloween Party for daughter Megan and family. They go all out with a graveyard, music and dancing area, lots of freaky, scary but yummy food, games and goodie bags for the kids. I will be sitting on my porch dressed as a old gypsy fortune teller. Using my crystal ball I hope to tell lots of fortunes before joining in on the rest of the fun and food. There will be lots of pictures and stories I promise!
Last Saturday was the last game of the season for grandson. They lost the game (6 to 0) but this was by far the best game they played all year. The termites and mites lost by huge differences. The midgets kept the other team on their toes and from scoring even when they were 3 yards from the goal. Even when the other team kept kicking and spitting on them the team played fair and nice. Even when a certain ref made a very bad mistake in a call and no one understood his solution to the call the boys kept their cool, played hard but fair. When the game was over and though we lost, everyone in the stands stood up, clapped, and cheered for the Mighty Panther Midgets. We all knew what a rough, hard game they had played united as a team and we were very very proud of those boys!We won't mention a certain grandma yelling and wanting to smack a certain ref. Nor will we get into that same grandma screaming at the announcer of the game and then yelling out the plays made by Franklin since he preferred to just dramatize the other teams plays. I will mention that grandson#4 has signed up for wrestling. I see this grandma not hanging up her Panther shirt just yet.
Last evening I rode with Megan and family to purchase pumpkins. Its hard to find pumpkins after 5PM but we found some really beautiful ones. Every lamppost, storefront in town is decorated for fall.
I am starting to do some embroidery and hand stitching (yes, I am turning into my mother) and having a hard time finding inexpensive embroidery floss. Walmart or Kmart doesn't carry it or at least ours doesn't. There is a sewing shop here but I can't afford to pay $1.29 a skein. I know there has to be floss for a lot less than that somewhere and that doesn't charge a fortune for shipping. I found 8 skeins at a thrift store for only 10 cents but haven't seen anymore. Doing hand stitching keeps my hands busy while I watch TV in the evenings plus when finished can be given as Christmas gifts!
So that's whats going on in my neck of the woods... how about yours?

Count Your Blessing Monday

If you would like to take part in Marci's click on her name and pop on over to leave her a comment. There are so many things I am thankful for its hard to pick just one. But the one blessing that stands out the most this morning is my daughters. I am blessed to have not only intelligent, beautiful daughters. I am very blessed to have such kind, caring, strong, and loving daughters. Without them these past 4 months would have been impossible to get through. Even when I make mistakes they are there for me. God truly blessed me by letting me be their mom.
If you take part please leave a comment so I can visit and read your post.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This Is So Me

My friend from Tossing Pebbles sent this to me and I laughed so hard. Had to accept that I saw a lot of me in that song. I am sure he doesn't mind my sharing it. Be sure and turn off the music on my sidebar before playing. Enjoy! and thank you Phillip.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Goodbye Izzy

Rusty's friend Izzy went home yesterday. As much fun as they had together I think Rusty is glad she went home. He now doesn't have to share me or the couch with her.
Rusty likes to walk right beside me when we go for our walks. Izzy likes to stretch her leash as far as she can while walking. She likes being way ahead.So goodbye Izzy. Thanks for being such a sweet playmate for Rusty.

And Rusty there is room on the couch can get off me.

Monday, October 19, 2009

One More Game Left

Saturday afternoon found us all bundled up sitting in the Franklin Panther Pit. We arrived in time to watch the Termites and Mites before grandson's team the Midgets played at 8PM. Needless to say we went through the hot chocolate and chips Megan brought as well as the hotdogs and popcorn I packed. It was cold, windy and at times wet but we had a great time. Everyone goes all out with Panther pride and spirit. There are painted paw prints on cheeks (including mine). Faces painted red and white and there are even people wanted to scare the Maroon Devils by wearing masks.
We sure love our Panthers! Finally it was time for the game we had been waiting for. The Mighty Midgets hit the field. Grandson (#24) along with 3 other teammates went out for the coin toss. The game was a exciting one with grandson getting a nice reward of $10 from his mom and dad for 2 awesome tackles. It was so cold the cheerleaders didn't even show up. No problem though as our little group came with our own pom poms, cowbells and mega horn. We more than made up for the absent cheerleaders. Not to mention all the cheering and jumping kept us warm. One more game next Saturday and grandson will be hanging up his jersey. There are still other sports and school events to look forward to but I sure am going to miss cheering on The Mighty Panther Midgets.

Count Your Blessing Monday

I am joining Marci in Count Your Blessing Monday. If you would like to take part please pop over to Marci's and leave a comment. Thank you Marci for such a wonderful way to start the week.

Today one of the blessings I am thankful for is heat. While outside there is a heavy freeze. Beautiful ice glistens on the grass and steps. As I look out the window of my little cabin I am blessed to be snug and warm. I let Rusty and Izzy out this morning for their potty break. They usually run and play a few minutes but this morning they were happy to hurry back to the warmth of the cabin. The sun will come out and the day will warm up but I am blessed that when the cold temps come back I will have a warm cozy place after enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where Did The Week Go

The days just seem to go faster and faster. Summer is over and fall is suppose to be here though snow flurries are forecast for tomorrow. Think we might just have a early winter. I have been busy taking some of the grands for dental appointments. They have the neatest place for the kids to get their teeth cleaned and some dental work done. Its called the Molar Roller. I didn't have my camera when I took 2 of the grands for teeth cleaning but they have appointments Monday for a couple of fillings. I will be sure and take pictures of this dental office on wheels. The kids enjoyed their visit and I got to watch Sleeping Beauty and read some up todate magazines. Wonder what they will think of next. Grandson had his homecoming game last Saturday. I missed getting the photo of him escorting a cheerleader. The one I snapped he (24) had already gone thru and was standing with the other players.
He has a game tomorrow and one Tuesday then the season will be over. I think he is happy and sad to see it come to an end.
Rusty has a friend over for the weekend. Izzy and he are just friends so don't have to worry about any hanky panky. They enjoy trying to out walking me on the Greenway and playing together on the front porch. She is a sweetie but I have promised her mom I will not spoil her.
Rusty is not going to want Izzy to go home. He loves having someone to run and play with.
Last night we went to a poetry reading at granddaughter's school. Her Language Arts class wrote poems and then set up a coffee shop in the cafeteria for family to listen to their reading. It was very entertaining.
Tonight Brian and grandson are at the HS football game, Megan is working at the hospital and Granddaughter and I are going through Halloween costumes for her cat and puppy.
We might be having fun but I think Kitty Meow and Tisha don't think so. So there you have my week. Not alot going on but enough to at least make me feel useful. Hope each of you have a blessed weekend, stay warm and dry.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pea's Birthday

Today is my "adopted" Sis' birthday. Go on over to Pea's and wish her a Happy Birthday. She and I started visiting each others blog several years ago and after realizing we were so much alike we adopted each other as sisters. I must say I have the most fun loving, adventure loving, crazy, kindhearted sister in the world. Happy Birthday Sis!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Count Your Blessing Monday

Marci does a count your blessings each Monday . I love visiting and reading her and other blog neighbors blessings. Feel free to take part as Marci would love to her Count Your Blessing Monday with everyone.

Today I am thankful emails. Yep, you read that right. I am so blessed to click on my inbox and find such wonderful, sweet emails from my family, blog friends and neighbors. There are days when I just feel down and there is a email saying just the right thing to cheer me up and put a smile on my face. I love snailmail as I can actually touch the notes and cards but emails come in a instant. I know that person was just thinking about me right then. The feelings of happiness and love that comes because of emails is truly a blessing. What is your favorite blessing today?

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Fun Evening

I had such fun watching my granddaughter cheer. She is one awesome young lady. Working the concession stand was fun as I knew some of the other ladies working. We caught up on each others news,etc. Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of a cheerleader? They never stand still! Here are a few of the many this proud grandma took.