Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hidden Haven

I am back at the homestead (Hidden Haven) for a bit. I am helping downsize the house, storage,out, and tool buildings as well as the animals. Rusty and Troubles are with me but I forgot my camera at the tiny cabin. You can follow along on my adventures at:   I will probably find my old camera around here and be able to take some pictures of the beautiful spring flowers and things around here.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Now that warmer weather is getting even warmer I have been busy sowing seedlings hoping they will take off so I can plant them come gardening time. Trying to cut and sew squares for a quilt. Work outside is time comsuming but oh so fun. Rusty is loving being outside all day while I clean, rake, pull weeds, etc. Blogging seems to be at the end of my to do list each day. Though I don't post I do think and say a prayer for my blog friends and neighbors as I go about my day. I am so blessed to have each of you in my life. So enjoy your day wherever you are, whatever you are doing and know you are being thought about and prayed for by one of your friends and neighbors.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Melody

Happy 34th Birthday to my sweet, kind, wonderful, tenderhearted middle daughter. Always wanting to be the peacemaker, always making room for one more child, always making room for one more family member. Always there when you need anything or just someone to talk to. Happy Birthday to the lady with the biggest heart I know. Love you Melody and have a wonderful birthday weekend in Tennessee without the 7 kids tagging along!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Can we all cheer for winter!! Snow, snow, wonderful snow. Am enjoying this last blast of winter before Spring comes hopping in the door. Have been super busy these past few days but not so busy to forget to say a prayer for my friends. Have a blessed week! Watch out for the snowball I have heading your way!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gotta Love This!

The following was found posted very low on a refrigerator door.

Dear Dogs and Cats: The dishes with the paw prints are yours and contain your food. The other dishes are mine and contain my food. Placing a paw print in the middle of my plate of food does not stake a claim for it becoming your food and dish, nor do I find that aesthetically pleasing in the slightest.

The stairway was not designed by NASCAR and is not a racetrack. Racing me to the bottom is not the object. Tripping me doesn't help because I fall faster than you can run.

I cannot buy anything bigger than a king sized bed. I am very sorry about this. Do not think I will continue sleeping on the couch to ensure your comfort, however. Dogs and cats can actually curl up in a ball when they sleep. It is not necessary to sleep perpendicular to each other, stretched out to the fullest extent possible. I also know that sticking tails straight out and having tongues hanging out on the other end to maximize space is nothing but sarcasm.

For the last time, there is no secret exit from the bathroom! If, by some miracle, I beat you there and manage to get the door shut, it is not necessary to claw, whine, meow, try to turn the knob or get your paw under the edge in an attempt to open the door. I must exit through the same door I entered. Also, I have been using the bathroom for years - canine/feline attendance is not required.

The proper order for kissing is: Kiss me first, then go smell the other dog or cat's butt. I cannot stress this enough.

Finally, in fairness, dear pets, I have posted the following message on the front door:

(1) They live here. You don't. (2) If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture. That's why they call it 'fur'-niture. (3) I like my pets a lot better than I like most people. (4) To you, they are animals. To me, they are adopted sons/daughters who are short, hairy, walk on all fours and don't speak clearly.
Remember, dogs and cats are better than kids because they (1) eat less, (2) don't ask for money all the time, (3) are easier to train, (4) normally come when called, (5) never ask to drive the car, (6) don't hang out with drug-using people; (7) don't smoke or drink, (8) don't want to wear your clothes, (9) don't have to buy the latest fashions, (10) don't need a gazillion dollars for college and (11) if they get pregnant, you can sell their children ..

Snowy Wednesday

After those few 60 degree sunny days I am watching for the first snowflake to start falling. Snow is predicted for today, tonight and in the morning. Of course I am excited. Snow no matter how little is beautiful and peaceful. I was going to go back to the cabin today but think I will stick around here at Melody's and go tomorrow. The gutter people got the new gutters up on Melody's house yesterday. I fixed chicken, brown rice, green beans and biscuits for supper. Was fun listening to all the grands chatter while they ate. I love how they get up from the table and wash their own plates, cups, etc. With that many kids Melody and Joseph were smart to have them do that. I got to play with Baby E and rock her to sleep. She is cooing and laughing so much these days. Brother J is ball crazy. He loves to throw balls for you to catch and throw back. He catches really well you just have to make sure you see the ball coming when he throws. He has caught me by surprise a few times. It turned cold last night so I cleaned out Joseph's woodstove and built a fire. The house was and is nice and toasty. Rusty is having fun with BoBo. He is Melody's dashund and has much more energy that Rusty. Things are kinda quiet here this morning with everyone off to school and work. Think I will do a load of Melody's laundry and straighten up a little. Hope you are having a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Start Your Search Engines and Put On Your Thinking Caps

My friend Phil over at Small Pines is going to build a home on his homestead. Right now they are living in a nice RV and a tiny cabin. He wants to build it all himself and would like some links and some ideas. So pop on over to Small Pines, have a look see and give him some links, photos, and ideas. He will post a link to your blog which will bring more traffic your way.

This and That

Thank you for all your prayers for Brea. She is now home and getting better everyday. She still has to go have checks on her heart every week for awhile to make sure the medication is working but she is doing great. Prayers work miracles.

Please keep Megan and family in your prayers. There are some very stressful things going on in their lives at the moment. She knows God never gives us more than we can handle but she is overwhelmed with some burdens and could use our prayers.

Ms. Spring has been peeking her head in around here. We have had 60F temps the last few days and I have actually enjoyed it. Mrs. Winter isn't ready to leave yet as they are calling for snow tomorrow night and Thursday morning. That's fine with me as I am not ready to bid goodbye to winter yet.

This won't mean anything to most of you except Debbi but I got to talk to Kuma (Debbi's dog) on the phone this morning. I was told Kuma starting wagging her tail and tried to lick the phone.

I have spent the morning at Melody's while the gutter guys put new gutters on their house. Rusty thought he was being protective by barking each time they made a noise. Its made for a noisy morning.  I am going to cook supper for everyone so need to go check Melody's freezer and decide what to fix. Its fun cooking and eating with a housefull of kids and grandkids. Plus I get to play with Baby E and brother J!

Working on some changes so may not post for a few days. Will catch up and post changes soon. Have a very blessed day!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Interview With God

My brother sent this to me and it is so beautiful I wanted to share. I hope you like it too.

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures Around The Tiny Cabin

Lots of blessings have been coming my way lately. SIL Brian installed a tiny woodstove in the tiny cabin. I love it! Was so nice sitting by the stove last evening. I was so content I didn't want to go to bed. The cabin is so nice and warm and without using electric heat the electric  bill will go down!

The flag with buttons picture I found at a thrift store. I love it and want to try and make a different picture using old material and buttons.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On The Edge

I have a twin size bed in the tiny cabin. Rusty and Troubles take naps on the sofa, under the bed or Troubles special spot is on a baby blanket on top of the microwave so he can look out the kitchen window. They don't bother with the bed. The minute they see me get into my pj's and start to get ready to turn in( I like to swivel the TV around to watch the news in bed) they make a mad dash for the bed. I have made jokes about sleeping on the edge but decided to take the camera to bed with me to show you. Its a very comfortable bed or at least I think it is from the edge. That hump you see on the right is me. You will notice Rusty and Troubles are in the middle of the bed very comfortable dreaming away. After taking the picture last night I got to thinking about being on the edge. I am on the edge in more than just the bed. I pray to God about my needs, worries, wants, etc for his help. The thing is I stay on the edge of trusting him completely to answer those prayers. I stay on the edge by praying but going on and doing what I think I should do to answer those things myself. I need patience to wait for him to answer those prayers in his time and in his way. I need to get off the edge and trust him completely. He has always taken care of me. He has always been here through mistake, wrong turn, etc I have taken. Waiting for me to get off that edge, let go and let him take control.....
Yesterday I did have someone else in my bed. There was no daycare because of the weather so Melody let me spend the day with Baby E and her brother J. We had a blast and they got to take a nap on the bed without any animals trying to hog in. Thank you Melody. I had so much fun. The snow is almost all gone and everyone is back at school and work. Brian is installing a tiny woodstove in the tiny cabin today! I am very excited and will be posting photos for

 sure. Have a blessed day!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snowy Monday

With snow falling I am looking forward to finish reading my book. I purchased it at a thriftstore for 50 cents and what a bargain it has turned out to be. Going Home by George C. Roche III stirs up memories within yourself as you eagerly turn the pages. Though its written about his life, his homeplace, and his family and friends he wrote it as a fiction to change names, etc. to protect his family and friends privacy. He left his mountain home and made a very good living in New York. One summer he told his partners he was taking the summer off and traveled back to the old homeplace. The cabin was falling apart since no one had lived there in many years but he spent his summer repairing the place and finding out he didn't want to leave. He told his partners he wouldn't be back and settled in the cabin way up on the mountain miles from town as winter set in. I am anxious to read more of the memories he shares and the adventures he is having.
Also while the snow is on the ground its been a good time to look through seed catalogs. If you find you don't have enough here are some sites you can click on to order free seed and garden  catalogs.
Plow and Hearth
Gardner's Supply Co.
Park Seed
Pepper Joe's
Seed's of Change
Thompson and Morgan
Wildseed Farms
Harris Seed
Henry Fields
Organic Gardening
Johnny Seeds from Living off-grid at Maple Valley Farms This homemaker Ang's blog and they are now selling seeds for Johnny Seeds

Well off for a short walk then its back to finish my book. Have a very blessed Monday everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day To Each Of You

Valentine’s Day gives me a reason
to express the feelings
I think about but don’t say
about people who enrich my life
in unique and meaningful ways.
You are this kind of special person.
When I think of you,
my thoughts are warm, and fond,
and filled with admiration.
I feel blessed to know you.
May your Valentine’s Day
be filled with the love and respect you deserve.

Have a very blessed Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunny Saturday

The sun is shining brightly and the snow is melting some but thats okay. Tonight and tomorrow is suppose to bring more so I won't be greedy . Went for a walk with Rusty and everything is so beautiful covered in snow. I am staying at Megan's house for a few days keeping their woodstove going. They have gone to Winston Salem to visit Brea. She was in congestive heart failure on the way from Asheville to there but is doing a little better each day. I can't remember what Megan said they found out she had but 1/3 of children who get it get over it with medication, 1/3 don't make it, and 1/3 have to have a heart transplant. Thank you for your prayers for Brea and I hope you will continue to pray for her. The photo is of Brea with GD "G" taken at Christmas.
I am enjoying sitting by Megan's woodstove drinking hot tea and watching Rusty with Megan's dog's. They get along good until it comes to who gets to sit in my lap. Last night I had Rusty, Rex, Tisha, and Troubles sleeping with me. Made things interesting when I needed to turn over.

Friday, February 12, 2010

10:30PM and Still Snowing!

Rusty has finally gotten use to the snow and actually wants to go out in it now. A beautiful snowy night. A warm fire, a cuppa cocoa and the opening ceremony of the Olympics.... what a blessing!

It's Snowing!

Updated to add this picture of the snow about 25 minutes after it started.
Had a few flakes floating around before lunch but now its coming down fast and the ground was white in a matter of minutes. In case you didn't know.... I LOVE snow! :) Talked to Ms. Fran's daughter in FL and they are suppose to get snow too. What a perfect way to spend a weekend. Walking Rusty in the snow, making a snowman, and sitting by the fire watching the snow falling. I am sure there will be snow photos to share later.

Frugal Friday Tips

for those that ask how to go to each site listed.. click on the purple highlighted words and it will take you there.

 Have a Ruby's Diner nearby? Free milkshake coupon

Simple but tasty 5 ingredient recipes

$1 off coupon for Cheerios

BOG0 Pinkberry Yogurt

Free Hanes socks and chance to win Cruise

Free coupon for Excedrin if you answer the one question survey with anything but Excedrin

Find a Thrift Store anywhere  When you are on vacation, passing through a new place just type in town and/or state to find addresses of all thriftstores in that area.

Just in time for Valentine Day; 20 cute and inexpensive last minute ideas for Valentines Day. So if you or down to the wire with nothing, check this site.

Living on a Dime is one of my favorite frugal blogs. She always has lots of tips and lots of recipes.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Post For Anonymous Commenters and Emailers.

 I usually delete and forget the comments and emails from people that don't approve of my posts on being frugal, living in a tiny cabin, being separated from my husband, and the best one: being miss goody goody with all the blessings. I decided today to try to answer some of their comments and emails in hopes they will understand (if they are really wanting to) or be happy they got a response from me and go away. So if you my dear blog friends and neighbors will overlook this post I will be back to "normal" or at least my normal postings later.

Why am I pushing frugal on people? Well, I didn't know I was pushing. I was frugal in the past because I enjoyed it. Now I am even more frugal and penny pinching because I have to be. I still enjoy it and love finding frugal tips to pass on you but I in no way mean to make you think you have to be frugal too. I know to the penny how much I have to spend each week so think of it as a challange to find a way to spend even less than the week before but not do without the things I need. So yes, you will find frugal posts here. You don't have to read them but if you do I am sure you remember I don't have to publish your nasty comments.

Why do I have a dog and cat if I am pinching pennies? Because I am a animal lover. Because they needed a home and I needed them. They are like family to me and yes, they are a little too spoiled but I wouldn't have brought them home if I had any doubt I couldn't afford to feed them. If something were to happen and I could no longer care for them they have a home waiting for them. I don't see my ever having to do that but just incase I made sure they will always have a good home.

Why did I waste money on a birdfeeder if I am so frugal? Well, My daughter Megan surprised me with a money gift and since I have missed my birdfeeders from the farm I bought one to hang on the cabin porch. I am even planning on getting another one along with a suet feeder so am sure that will really make you mad. I keep a list of things that I would like to purchase, find or make but don't need and when a few extra pennies is saved or a gift appears I mark something off my list.

Why am I living in a tiny cabin? Because I have a wonderful daughter and son in law. They purchased a prebuilt cabin and set it up on their property. I am close to family but yet have my own space. I have a kitchen area, living area, and a bedroom area. I use daughters bathroom and laundry and everything else I need is in my tiny cabin. I love it. I enjoy planning, making, redoing, rearranging, etc to make it homey and primitive. I enjoy planning ways to make it a more frugal way to live. Its not for everyone so don't worry if you don't understand.

Why am I not living with my husband? That one is really none of your business. And from your nasty comment I think you are a unhappy person that has to try to make others feel bad inorder to make yourself feel better. Sorry it didn't work.

And the last one... A goody goody with all the blessings? Don't even think of myself as a goody goody. I am far from that but I do have all the blessings. All the blessings God gives me each day. That was the purpose of this blog... to count and share my blessings. Each morning when I wake up the first thing I do is thank God for a new day and ask him to bless me and mine. I read my devotionals for the day, my Bible scripture for the day and start my day. Each night I ask God to watch over and bless me and mine through the night. I talk to him about friends, family, problems, needs, etc and then I thank him for my blessings of the day. I then read some in another devotional book, a chapter in the Bible and write in my prayer journal. At the end of the prayer for that day I write 5 blessings I am really thankful for. So yes, I have lots of blessings but sorry I am not the goody, goody you thought.

Everyone that blogs gets nasty or hurtful comments or emails but I hope we won't let those keep us from blogging whats in our hearts. None of us can make everyone happy or like us. We can only write what we want to share with our friends, family and blog neighbors and not worry about those that only read blogs to leave nasty comments because they are so unhappy with their own life. So keep blogging! I promise I'll not leave a anonymous comment. I promise my comments will have my name and hopefully will let you know how much I enjoy your posts.

Now here is a frugal recipe that I tried and really liked. Not saying you have to be frugal to try it nor do you even have to try it.... just saying its frugal and its good!


Often thought of as a traditional Native American food, it’s been made by the tribes of the Southwest only within the last hundred years. It contains few ingredients indigenous to the lands of the Old West. Most frybread ingredients came from the new settlers and were acquired by tribes through trading.
Development of this tasty bread most likely happened as a result of need by two cultures, which found that frying bread in a skillet could save time; the result traveled well and lasted longer than other breads.
You can vary this recipe by changing the size of the pieces or roll it out to ¾ inch thick, which takes longer to fry but gives the bread a chewier texture.
FRYING TIME: Approx. 15 seconds per side
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1 ½ cups whole milk
2 tablespoons shortening or lard, melted

Blend all four dry ingredients. Add the milk and shortening, slowly stirring with a wooden spoon. It will appear very dry. Turn out on floured board or counter and knead dough until firm, but don’t overdo it. Pat out the dough to about ¼ inch thick. Cut into circles any size that will fit the frying pan. Heat about 2 cups of oil in your skillet to 375 degrees (a 1 inch cube of bread will brown in 1 minute at 375 degrees). Carefully slide your dough into the pan. The fry bread should puff up immediately. Turn once (very carefully) when golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towels.
Use frybread any way you can imagine. For example, fill with fruit and fold over like a taco shell. Top frybread with taco meat mixed with a can of diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, avocados, olives, jalapenos, shredded cheese, and sour cream.

Sunny Cold Thursday

Good Morning everyone!
The sun is shining. The wind isn't blowing but its not snowing. Oh well hopefully more snow this weekend. I can't be greedy. I am at Melody's today taking care of Grandson J. He is the last one to get the stomach bug. Megan was asking us the other night if we had rather be sick with something else for a week or have this stomach bug. We all chose to be sick with something else for a week. That stomach bug is rough! I think Rusty even had it as he threw up 3 times.

Megan and Brian's niece ( I think she is 4) is in the hospital. First she was here and they couldn't get her fever down so they sent her to Asheville. They did surgery and drained her lymph nodes in her neck as they were infected. Her kidney's started producing too much proteinher lungs colapsed, and they found a leak in her heart. Asheville hospital sent her to the Children's Hospital in Winston Salem. Please keep Brea and her parents in your prayers. They still don't know what is wrong and are starting from scratch with tests today.

The grands all got their report cards. Some made A B honor roll.Some almost made honor roll but had a high C in one class. And one who will remain nameless who always makes A honor roll and is in Beta club made a D in gym. Not because she couldn't do gym but because she forgot her gym clothes on gym days and couldn't dress out. Did I forget to tell you she is our blonde in the family? LOL Anyway her dad has fixed that problem. If she forgets one more time she has to wear her gym clothes to school on gym days and wear them all day. Oh the horror! A teenage girl being seen in gym clothes by all her friends all day at school! She thinks that is so unfair but I have to say I think it might work.

I have some photos to show of the tiny cabin. I framed and hung some of my stitchwork and it really makes the cabin look homey and primitive like I want. The photos are on my camera at home so will post them tomorrow. Thank you again for the embroidery thread,sewing projects, and knitting supplies. I am really enjoying them and keeping my hands busy.

Don't forget to count your blessings, no matter how large or small!

Cathe, email me at happe2b50atyahoodotcom and I will send you my mailing addy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Stomach Bug

 Updated to add I had to take Megan to the doctor as she is really sick. He gave her an IV with meds to try to help the vomiting but its not working. I also had to go pick up GD "J" from school as she was throwing up too. This stomach bug is really rough so everyone take care.

Will be back to post tomorrow. The stomach bug went from GS "Q" to me to "J" and now Megan and GD "G" has it. Hope you have a blessed day and are well.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Yucky Day

Granddaughter H has inflamed ribs. She has  a lot of pain but taking her meds and staying in bed. Grandson Q is home with a stomach bug. While everyone was outside building a snowman last night he was hugging the bathroom throne. He is feeling some better today. Baby E brother "J" spent the night with Megan's family last night. I had fun playing with him and hearing that adorable laugh. We had a few inches of snow last night but its raining now. Suppose to be more snow tonight and in the morning.... I hope so! The road will probably flood today as its been raining hard. Mixed with all the snow that melted from last week the road will be a mess. Thankfully I have no where I have to go and can just sit back in the tiny cabin and enjoy the weekend. Hope you are staying warm, dry and safe. Have a blessed weekend! Leaving you with a few photos from Christmas.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rain or Ice?

The weathermen can't agree on what we will get. Some say just rain others say freezing rain, sleet and snow mix tonight with same tomorrow and snow Saturday. I will just have to wait and see. Really hoping for more snow and winter weather. Afterall its still winter. :)

I took Rusty with me when I cleaned at Dianne's today. He use to be her dog and she loves for him to visit. She wanted me to meet her neighbors and see their joint farm animals so I left Rusty inside while we went to visit. Poor guy thought I was giving him back I guess because when we came back inside he went crazy barking and would not leave my side while I finished cleaning. The neighbors want me to help feed their goats, cows, horses, chickens when they go on vacation. I am excited about that. Really enjoyed giving the goats treats and the smell of the farm. Their 96 yr old grandparents live in the upper part of their home and they also want to start cleaning for them as they are able to do much for themselves. Getting more work is a good thing!

Melody called me to pick up Granddaughter H from school as she is very sick. I was miles out cleaning and unable to but her Pappy Steve picked her up and took her to the doctor. Joseph is getting off work and meeting them at home to take care of her. Hope its not something that the whole family will get. Melody has her hands full with 7 kids, work, and school.

Dianne gave me some potatoes that came from a friend of hers garden. I think I am going to make a pot of potato soup. She also gave me some overripe bananas that will find their way into banana bread this afternoon. With Melody freezing her leftovers for me, Megan inviting me to eat with her family and garden gifts from friends I am averaging around $25 dollars every two weeks on groceries for Rusty, Troubles and myself. There is always plenty in the pantry and fridge. God is good!

Its almost time to pick up the grands from school. I get to give them their chore list for the day so won't be their favorite person. They are good about doing their chores though. They have a Valentine dance coming up next week that has them excited. I heard them ask Megan not to be at this one which made me remember when the girls were young they loved me taking part in things until they were about 10  or 11 and then they wanted me to drop them off at things. They didn't want me to get out of the car, call out to them as they walked away from the car or come inside when I picked them up. Now my girls are dealing with the same thing. Makes me smile.

Rusty is looking at me with eyeballs floating so think I had better take him out to potty before picking up the grands. Have a blessed day! The snow photos were taken 20 minutes after it started snowing last Thursday. Within a hour we had 3inches and ended up with a total of 9 inches not counting the ice.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sunny Wednesday

What a beautiful day! There is snow in some spots and lots of mud everywhere but the sun is shining and its suppose to get up to 45F. The weatherman has changed our snow for Thursday and Friday to rain and sleet. They are still calling for snow Saturday so I will keep my fingers crossed. Laundry is done, cabin is cleaned and pantry is stocked so I am ready.
Yesterday Megan and I went to a thriftstore during her lunch break. I lucked up on recent magazine issues. Got Southern Living, Ladies Home Journal, Readers Digest and Taste of Home for January and Feb for only 10cents each. Found a nice wooden shelf for $2.00 and a pair of snow pants for a dollar. Megan then took me by Mickey D's for lunch. We had a fun time before dropping her back off at work. I was blessed even more by being invited to have supper with her and the family. Nice steak, baked potato, and corn on the cob. It was a very delicious meal! Rusty was in heaven as Brian gave him the bone from his steak. I got to listen to him chew on it during the night. Rusty brought the bone to bed with him and everytime he woke up he would chew on it to make sure it was still there and growl at Troubles if he even looked at it.
I hung up my first bird feeder at the cabin. Now I am waiting impatiently for the birds to find it. I want to get another one for the other side of the porch and later a couple of humming bird feeders. I have been looking at seed catalogs and dreaming about what to plant around the cabin to attract birds. Dreaming is all I am doing at the moment as I don't won't to give up on winter yet. I am hoping for a few more snowfalls.
Melody and family finally got their power back on. They had a power pole break in half with the transformer and wires ending up on the ground for days. A big tree fell on their boat too. There was over 10,000 without power including the hospital which had to use their generators but now according to the radio there is only 32 homes without. They set up one of the schools as a shelter for those without heat. Melody and Megan both have woodstoves so we all stayed warm. Brian brought out the camping stove and lanterns and we did just fine. Maybe this will get families thinking and getting prepared for future outages.
Baby E is laughing and smiling all the time. Melody has her spoiled (like non of the rest of us had anything to do with it). We took some cute pictures I added to this post. Her brother Jonathan is now with Melody also. Megan got to keep him and Grandson Z for a few days during the power outage. We all spoiled Jonathan and didn't want to let him go back home. We made Melody promise he could come visit one day a week. I will have to take photos next time. I was too busy playing with him to even think of pictures.
 I have several stitching projects I am working on thanks to some sweet blog friends. I am also knitting again. I've started out slow though by knitting dish cloths till I get my groove back. Then I will move on to bigger projects.
Life at the tiny cabin is going smoothly. Each day finds me rearranging, adding something, doing some project to make it even more homey. I try not to worry about the past life as thats what it is... the past. I have no idea what the future holds but I sure am blessed in the here and now and am very thankful. Now go count your blessings!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No Ice Storm!

The temps didn't get low enough so we just got rain.. thank goodness. We still have snow coming in Thursday night and lasting through till Sunday. Being without power didn't bother us at all. I stayed next door at Megan's as they have a woodstove. We were all nice and warm and had gas lanterns that kept the house lit up. There was lots of games of Uno and regular card games. Lots of sledding and snowball fights ending with lots of snow clothes drying out behind the stove. I just love snow and can't wait for the one on the way. Have caught up with a few of your blogs and hope to catch up with the rest over the next couple days. Everyone sure has been busy! As promised am posting a photos from the 92 on my camera. These are from the middle schools winter concert. Grandson Z and Granddaughter H are in the band. The spring concert coming up will have Grandson Q in the chorus and Granddaughter G in the band. Z is standing in back row of band holding his instrument. H is the only one with her jacket still on playing a flute. Z also played the big bass drum but that photo was blurred.

My online devotional had the following poem that I want to share with you. Have a blessed day!

Your Blessings Are So Many, Lord!

               Your blessings are so many, Lord,
                    To count them one by one
              Would take much longer than a day
                    That has just now begun!

                You fill each day with miracles
                   From dawn to setting sun.
            Each night You hear a million prayers
                   When day's work is done.

                You keep this old world spinning
                      As seasons come and go,
                   And each one is a masterpiece
                      That stets our hearts aglow.

                You fill the earth with beauty, Lord,
                   With flowers, shrubs and trees,
                  And we marvel at Your rainbows
                       And butterflies and bees.

                Your words still give us comfort
                   For Your promises are true.
              Your blessings are so many, Lord,
                       In everything we do!
                                         Poet, Clay Harrison

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm Back!

Computer is up and running. Power is back on. Snow is melting but ice storm coming in tonight and in the morning. There is also more snow coming this weekend.... I love it!! Will be reading and catching up on everyone's blog and promise a post and photos tomorrow if the power stays on. Hope you are having a blessed Feb 1st

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snowy Tuesday

Today has been cold with snow flurries. We had rain for 5 days and the road flooded which meant some nice quiet time at the cabin. Enjoyed staying in and not going anywhere for a few days. Today I had Baby E as she is still sick. Her cough is worse so she stayed with me instead of going to daycare. I met Melody at the doctors this afternoon so hopefully Baby E will get better soon. Grandson#4 has a wrestling match this evening. I wil be taking him so Melody can stay home with the baby. Have been knitting and sewing on some projects. Watching old movies. Megan has alot of my mother's old VHS tapes and I am enjoying all of them. We are planning our garden and Brian will be plowing the ground tomorrow. The girls and their families are already planning their summer vacations and asking em to go along. Will have to see when the time gets closer. I am almost over my cold and the rest of the family seem to be slowly getting over theirs. This one sure wore us all out. Will be back to posting rergularly the first of Feb. Expecting more snow Thrusday, Friday and Saturday..... I can't wait. Tomorrow I will be keeping baby E so she can rest. Melody is busy at work and after being sick herself doesn't have any days to take right now. So things are still moving along here. God has blessed me well. Take care and will catch up on all of you very soon...... I promise

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

The cold and coughs are still running its course through the family. Melody and 4 of her kids are home with it. I am still coughing and Megan's family are still coughing and sniffing. Her son is home today with stomach bug. We have had rain today and suppose to rain tomorrow and Friday. Working on a stitchwork for a friend of Megan's that is getting married Friday. Watched a dvd last night called " Red Furry". It is really really good if you get a chance to watch it. Enjoying my devotional book from Connie alot as well as cd player and radio from Kelly and Alex. Have done some stitchwork on my curtains and a little decorating around the cabin. I have lots of photos that I hope to one day get posted. Have a blessed week!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Sunday

We have had rain for a couple of days. Friday was so nice I had baby E and her brother J  (3) outside most of the day. Melody is now caring for J as well as baby E each ight while their mom works. Jgoes to headstart each day but had a cold Friday and stayed with me. Melody now has 7 children counting baby E and J. I don't know how she does it but she just glows. She has one more semester before graduating college while working fulltime as a family advocate. Her kids are in band, wrestling, etc so she also runs them to practice and games. I don't know hwere she gets the energy. After having the 2  babies all day Friday I was ready for bed early! I will enjoy hanging out with Megan's 2 Monday and Tuesday as there is no school. Granddaughter and I have some sewing projects planned while grandson will be target shooting with his bow. I am still taking pictures and will be back online regularly soon I hope. I am trying to slowly catch up on everyones blog but it will take me awhile. Think of you often and hope you have a blessed week!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chilly Tuesday

Temps are still cold with some snow and ice still around. Tomorrow is suppose to be 50F so it will feel like a heatwave. Baby E got her shots yesterday so has been a fussy baby. I won't have her after this week as she will go to daycare during the day and Melody will keep her at night. Having a baby around has kept me busy and tired but sure will miss her. Rusty will be happy to have me all to himself again. Exams going on with the grands at school so they are busy with studies. I think they all are praying for a big snowfall. LOL  Colds and coughs are still running rapid in our family but hopefully will play out soon.I did get to do a cleaning job this morning. A friend watched the baby for me. I can't wait to get things back to normal so I can post photos and catch up on everyone's blog and news. Take care and count those blessings.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Sunny but cold Sunday here. Still have some snow and lots of ice. Water has frozen the past 3 mornings but Brian gets it running again quickly. Temps have been in single digits every day but I love it. The ice on the lake is so beautiful. The dirt road out to main highway is finally safe to drive. It was very icy and slick for several days. I enjoyed being cabin bound with sewing, knitting and movie watching to keep me busy. Temps are warming up this week with no snow predicted for awhile. I am still waiting for a nice big snowfall. Homemade soups and chili has kept my crockpot busy and very tasty on those cold days. Rusty has decided he likes the middle of the bed and I should sleep hanging on to the side of the bed. Troubles takes the whole bottom so there is no stretching my legs out either. Makes for a very funny nights sleep. I tried moving to the sofa but they both followed me which made for even less room to sleep. The grands say Rusty and Troubles are more spoiled than they ever were with me then turn around and spoil them too. Life at the cabin with baby E during the day is busy but enjoyable. I will have her again this week as she is still congested. Grandson #3 has spent the past 2 nights with me and we have stayed up till 1AM watching movies and talking. Tomorrow school and work will have everyone back to their routine. Rusty will be pouting during the day until baby E goes home and then we will spend the afternoon giving him all the attention he thinks he missed out on and a nice walk by the lake. Its not the farm life I had before but its a happy, peaceful one that I am blessed to have. I hope you have a very blessed week!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still Here

Baby E has a bad cold and going to doctor today. The rest of us have had or have bad colds too. Snow coming this afternoon and through Saturday. I am in heaven of course! Sorry I haven't been able to post often or post pictures that will take a week to see them all but I promise soon I will be back to regular postings and catch up on everyone. I miss you all and am very blessed to have your friendship!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby E

I am taking care of Baby E during the day this week so won't be on the computer very much. Am having lots of fun spoiling her though! Take care and will catch up with everyone soon. We are having cold temps but no snow. Grands are back at school. Daughters and son in laws are all back to work so things are kinda quiet. Rusty is jealous of Baby E and sulking in his bed. Will have to spoil him tonight to make him happy. Life at the tiny cabin is moving along.