Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Sunny but cold Sunday here. Still have some snow and lots of ice. Water has frozen the past 3 mornings but Brian gets it running again quickly. Temps have been in single digits every day but I love it. The ice on the lake is so beautiful. The dirt road out to main highway is finally safe to drive. It was very icy and slick for several days. I enjoyed being cabin bound with sewing, knitting and movie watching to keep me busy. Temps are warming up this week with no snow predicted for awhile. I am still waiting for a nice big snowfall. Homemade soups and chili has kept my crockpot busy and very tasty on those cold days. Rusty has decided he likes the middle of the bed and I should sleep hanging on to the side of the bed. Troubles takes the whole bottom so there is no stretching my legs out either. Makes for a very funny nights sleep. I tried moving to the sofa but they both followed me which made for even less room to sleep. The grands say Rusty and Troubles are more spoiled than they ever were with me then turn around and spoil them too. Life at the cabin with baby E during the day is busy but enjoyable. I will have her again this week as she is still congested. Grandson #3 has spent the past 2 nights with me and we have stayed up till 1AM watching movies and talking. Tomorrow school and work will have everyone back to their routine. Rusty will be pouting during the day until baby E goes home and then we will spend the afternoon giving him all the attention he thinks he missed out on and a nice walk by the lake. Its not the farm life I had before but its a happy, peaceful one that I am blessed to have. I hope you have a very blessed week!


melissa said...

You sound content....hope this turns out to be a very restful day for you. :)

amelia said...

It's true, we also spoil our animals more than we ever spoiled the kids!! I wonder why we do that. There must be a theory out there somewhere!

I hope your life is happy and peaceful this week and always..

Rachel said...

Isn't it amazing how our pets think they get to sleep anywhere they want to on the bed?! I have to move Pup over sometimes when he decides to sleep in the middle or on my side. They are bed hogs, pure and simple. My cats are too!

This week it is supposed to get above freezing and I am more than ready for that. You can have that cold and snow Peggy!! :)

Kelly or Alex said...

Hi Peggy, it sounds just beautiful there. North Carolina is one of my most favorite states and I can just imagine how pretty with the snow. Poor Rusty. He feels so put out. I'm glad you are staying busy. Do you knit socks? I have been asking everyone that question. LOL I have a pattern for beginners and want to try. I can just imagine what they will turn out like. It may be very comical. Take care.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like your life is full and busy, Peggy... Glad things are going well... I laughed thinking about you being pushed out of the bed by your babies!!!!! How funny!!!!

Hope you have a great week.