Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chilly Tuesday

Temps are still cold with some snow and ice still around. Tomorrow is suppose to be 50F so it will feel like a heatwave. Baby E got her shots yesterday so has been a fussy baby. I won't have her after this week as she will go to daycare during the day and Melody will keep her at night. Having a baby around has kept me busy and tired but sure will miss her. Rusty will be happy to have me all to himself again. Exams going on with the grands at school so they are busy with studies. I think they all are praying for a big snowfall. LOL  Colds and coughs are still running rapid in our family but hopefully will play out soon.I did get to do a cleaning job this morning. A friend watched the baby for me. I can't wait to get things back to normal so I can post photos and catch up on everyone's blog and news. Take care and count those blessings.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

We had snow flurries all day today, Peggy.... BUT--they still say that we will warm up soon!!! I hope so!

Take care and stay warm.

Mary said...


I'm sure you will miss the baby once she is going to daycare. Our grandkids keep us busy. I do miss the boys when I don't see them all week.

It's to warm up here in the next couple of days. It will be nice to get a break from the cold, although it hasn't been bad this week. Last week was frigid.

Sending you an email.

Wishing you a lovely evening.

DayPhoto said...

I really is hard having a baby in the house, but the joy they bring is amazing.


Rachel said...

Count those blessings is right!! It warmed up to about 40 today and it felt so good!! Tomorrow will be about 50 and it'll feel like spring has sprung!!

J said...

It was nice hearing from you. I'm trying to get my act together and post more on a regular basis. Trouble is... once I read my favorite blogs I run out of time. :0)
Take care (((Peggy)))

PEA said...

Hi sis:-) Glad to see you finally got the snow and cold you wanted! lol It's actually 32F here today which is considered very mild for this time of year. I'm not complaining, though, this is much better than the -24F we'd been having!!

I can well imagine how much you'll miss the baby but as you say, it will also be nice to get back into a normal routine:-) Love you. xoxox