Monday, November 2, 2009

Count Your Blessing Monday

Marci 's count your blessings Monday is here. What are you thankful for today? Today my favorite blessing is sunshine. After many days of rain it is such a blessing to see and feel the sun shining. Taking a walk with Rusty and see the rays of the sun bouncing off the trees and water. What a beautiful world God has given us and what a beautiful sunlight to enjoy it in.

I helped Megan take down the Halloween decorations yesterday. We cleaned up all the dishes from the party. The grands are going to enjoy having the food and candy leftovers. It was such a blessing to me to be able to be here and take part in their annual Halloween party. I don't think Rusty appreciated my spending a dollar on his costume at the dollar tree. He thinks he is worth much more. LOL It was nice seeing most of the costumes worn were made from things everyone already had or had purchased at thriftstores. I don't see spending a fortune on costumes for one evening. All the kids were given a bag filled with candy to take home. I think they enjoyed being able to have fun and games instead of going door to door and still getting lots of candy. Now its on to thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time of year seems to rush by. Don't forget to count your blessings!


Anonymous said...

I know you enjoyed all the festivities for Halloween and I thank you for sharing with us. I believe it is fun to take thrift store finds or clothes we have and use our imagination to come up with costumes. The most important thing is the fellowship among family and friends. I love this time of year and the upcoming holidays. Enjoy Rusty and the sunny walks!

Marci said...

We all have blessing all around us, we just often forget they are blessings. Thanks for taking part Peggy!!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

You sure do have a fun and thoughtful family Peggy, always nice to hear about your get togethers.

Sharon said...

It sure does like you had a great party.
I think the homemade costumes are the best.
We always made the boys when they were little.
Thanks for sharing.

DayPhoto said...

We have sunshine back and somewhat warmer weather!!!! YEAH!!!!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

After such a wonderful weekend, Peggy, you really need to count your blessings today... And the sunshine is just an added bonus!!!!! We all do have so much to be thankful for. That's one thing I love about November--and that is that it's a Month of Thanksgiving.


Mary said...


I'm thankful for many things. Included is the mild weather we've been having. The sun that we had over the weekend. The sights, sounds and fragrances of autumn and finally having a sound Internet connection after more than a week.

Sounds like the party was a huge success. So many blessings. Wishing you a wonderful week.

J said...

Time is just flying by. Am I the only one to be panicking a little bit when thinking of Thanksgiving and Christmas already this close?
:0) I've been enjoying your PlayList.
Have a great week.

PEA said...

I think it's such a great idea to have a Halloween party like that instead of the kids going door to door...these days it's so much safer!! I'm really happy for you that you were there to be able to share in all the fun:-) I think of you so much all the time and wish we could sit down and have a long chat. xoxoxo