Friday, November 6, 2009

Have a Blessed Weekend.

27F this morning and it felt so good! Heavy frost on everything shining in the sunlight. Fall colors are almost gone and winter is just around the corner. I hope she brings lots of snow with her cold winds. I have missed snowy mountain views. Whatever the winter brings I will accept and enjoy.
My ankle is still swollen but so far only a little bruised. I am able to walk with just a little pain. The batteries in the camera are dead so no pictures of the foot or tiny cabin yet. I will get batteries this afternoon when I take a granddaughter and friend to gymnastics. Grandson had football awards last night. He got a lovely trophy and his photos of homecoming. He misses playing football a lot. Went out to lunch with Melody yesterday. We went to a place that makes huge stuffed baked potatoes. They are so big we shared one and I couldn't finish my half. They are stuffed with ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, cheese, bacon, onions, tons of butter and sourcream. Yeah, my arteries hardened just looking at it but oh was it good! After dropping her off back at work I picked up a few groceries and came home. Our road that had so many potholes and ruts from flooding was graded. It was so smooth driving and not having to dodge holes. Spent the afternoon relaxing and working on my handstitched Christmas ornaments. I also watched The Proposal with son in law and grands. It is a awesome movie! I loved it but I love anything Sandra Bullock is in. Rusty is pouting as he hasn't got to ride in the car in days. The grands have been home sick so there are no trips to pick them up from school. I didn't take him with me when I went out to lunch and with the ankle I am not taking him on long walks so he is really feeling unloved. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend with nothing special planned. Hope you have a blessed one! Adding on some Halloween photos of granddaughters in TN. Raigun was a famous pilot. Can you guess who?


Marci said...

Peggy, I hope your ankle gets better quick. Rest it as much as you can. Stay warm and snug!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your ankle is some better but I know how painful that can be. Poor Rusty feeling a little blue. You and Rusty will have to look at some pictures of me & Kaboodle I just posted for a good laugh. Thank you for sharing your lovely granddaughters with us - they look great all dressed up! Enjoy your stitching projects and I hope the weekend rest makes you feel much better. I'm hoping for some winter snow too. Take care Peggy.

DayPhoto said...

Gosh I'm sorry about your foot! Twisting something is as hard to get over as a paper cut and hurts just as bad. Something so tiny actually hurts worse than something huge, like a broken bone.

You rest and enjoy your cold weather.


Sharon said...

So sorry to hear about your ankle and I hope that it is doing better.
Thanks for sharing your grands, they are sure cute.
Enjoy this weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Sorry about your ankle. Please take care.. My first hubby turned his ankle and found out later that he had broken it. Have it checked if it keeps hurting.

Cute pictures of your TN grands. I know you miss them --especially now that you get to see the others so often. Will you go to TN to visit them sometime????


Rachel said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle Peggy. I hope it mends quickly for you.

Looks like you had lots of Halloween fun!

Take care of that ankle!


amelia said...

The pilot has to be Amelia Earhart!

I hope your ankle soon heals but don't push it because they don't heal quickly.