Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shower Curtain Fun

Melody gave me a shower curtain she wasn't using. Since the tiny cabin doesn't have a bathroom and I use Megan's that already has one I came up with a different use for it. The top half I used as a table skirt to hide the mini fridge and things I have stored under the table. I had a spring rod Megan gave me that worked perfect.
The bottom half I cut in half, using one half for the bottom of the microwave table and the other half to cover the front of my shelves holding can goods. I had 2 tiny rods left from hanging curtains that worked perfectly. It makes the kitchen area look more country instead of primitive but everything used was free! I love being frugal and decorating without spending money. Its not the farm kitchen from before but I like the cozy, homesteading feel I get in my tiny cabin kitchen.
I did spend a few dollars last month. I found a wooden cabinet at Goodwill for $8. It has 2 drawers and a door hiding 3 shelves. Its suppose to be a bathroom cabinet but I use it as a bedside table. I keep books in the shelves for easy access during the night. The drawers hold reading glasses, pens, paper, etc. and the top is big enough for a reading lamp, bible, etc. Its solid wood and very sturdy. Thought about painting it but for now I like it white.
There is a chair and table next to cabinet. Rusty has a blanket under the chair where he takes naps or hides from company. The antique chair belonged to Brian's grandmother and I love it. The round table was Megan's. The items on top of the table were given to me except the snowman candle jar. I purchased it at a thriftstore for $1.50. Makes a beautiful night light when grands are over and it has snow and snowmen inside... my favorite winter scene! Megan is letting me hang Mother's thimble collection in the cabin. I have them on the wall above the bed and a guardian angel picture. Feels nice having something of mothers to see and bring memories out I had forgotten.
Daughters and friends have given me things. I searched all the thrift stores in town and found awesome bargains. It is lots of fun fixing the tiny cabin up frugally. I had more photos of the inside but they were blurry for some reason. Will take more tomorrow to share. I am already planning frugal but wonderful ways to decorate the cabin for the holidays. Being happy and content with your home doesn't have to involve lots of money. The fun for me is seeing how frugal but nice I can do things.
Megan and Carol had a fun but wet day on their train ride. They left Bryson City, NC at 11Am this morning traveling through the mountains to Nantahala and back to Bryson City at 3:30PM. They loved it! They enjoyed the view and eating lunch on the train.
Megan found out they have the Polar Express train ride too. It leaves out each night and takes you to the North Pole to meet Santa and walk around before bringing you back to Bryson City. I think there will be some grandkids wanting to take this ride!
Its raining again. Been raining hard all day so everyone is watching to see if the road floods again. It is a muddy mess at the moment but so far no flooding. That's about it for news. Hope you had a dry, warm, blessed day!


Marci said...

Your cabin is darling. Do you have to go in to go to the bathroom then?

We LOVE the train ride from Bryson City to Nantahala. Wish we could have gone with them!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, I sure hope you won't have any flooding this time. I am happy that Megan and Carol got to take the train ride - what great pictures of them. I love what you have done to the cabin. Amazing how far that shower curtain went. Mama used to buy bargain tablecloths and we would make curtains with them. That's a cute cabinet too for all your bedside necessities. I thought of you yesterday when I visited Goodwill. They had two unopened tubes of cross stitch fabric for $3. I hope to make a few little cross stitch gifts or cards for Christmas presents. Your cabin will be so cozy and full of joy at Christmastime. You'll have to hang a stocking for Rusty and Troubles!!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Oh how I love your little cabin. You have done GREAT with this hard move. Your kids are just wonderful to you --and of course, you are a huge help to them with the grands. It seems to be working out well. Can't believe you made such great use of that pretty shower curtain. I'm so happy for you.

Great pictures of the girls.. I'd love to take that train ride sometime. Thanks for the great pictures.

melissa said...

You are truly blessed. :) And your spirits inspire me. Take care, sweet friend.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

When I saw Polar Express I thought maybe it was the Polar Bear Express. This is the train that travels beyond the end of the road from Cochrane north to Moosonee, Ontario on James Bay. It is a great and historic train ride.

PEA said...

Sis! I love what you did with the shower curtain!! Leave it to you to think of using it that way:-) I'm loving that you're being frugal and using a lot of stuff that's around you or given to you, it certainly proves that one doesn't have to spend a fortune to make a warm welcoming home.

How very special to have your mother's thimble collection, no doubt it's comforting to look at it and think of her. Also love the little cabinet you bought, it does make the perfect night stand.

Glad to hear the girls had so much fun on their train ride! I need to find out if the Christmas Train will be coming through here again this year!! Love ya sis. xoxo

Mary said...

Peggy, I love what you've done with your little cabin. Currently Dwight and I are working on redecorating the kitchen. We had hoped to renovate and put in new cupboards, but since Dwight had the stroke and is out of work, that's a no-go. So, we will spiff it up a little instead and a lot more frugally.

Enjoy decorating for Christmas. I love your snowman candle.