Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Catch Up

We still have snow and I am still loving it. Some of it melts during the day and that turns to ice each night making for rough mornings if you need to go anywhere. There are still people without power in western NC. We are some of the fortunate ones. I am at Melody's and camera is at cabin so no photos of snow or packages yet.
I received a package full of yarn, material, set of bed sheets, a absolutely adorable primitive santa that fits perfectly in the cabin, a beautiful devotinal book and other wonderful goodies that warmed my heart from Connie. She doesn't have a blog but has been a wonderful internet friend through my blog and emails. Thank you so much Connie and Rusty is loving his teddy bear!
Kelly and Alex surprised me with a huge package of beautifully wrapped gifts. They said Santa left them but I know these ladies. They are very very busy with their farm plus working nights at the hospital and it touched my heart they took time to think of me, Rusty and Troubles. They have a beautiful farm in Maine. Click on their names and check out their blog. I have had the pleasure of meeting Alex. She stopped by Hidden Haven last year and we had a wonderful visit. Thank you again ladies for your friendship, your words of encouragement, and the gifts sitting under the cabin Christmas tree. I can't wait to post pictures of the book Pea sent in the book swap. Its a beautiful story of The Nutcracker but the graphics of the book will take your breath away. The grands pick it up off the coffee table everytime they visit and drool over the pages. I love it Sis! Thank you Marci, Kelly &Alex, Sheri, Connie, and Mary for the beautiful Christmas cards. Your sweet notes brought tears to my eyes. They are hanging across a shelf with 2 vintage stockings. I have a picture of that too I will post. I am very blessed to have such sweet, kind, loving friends.
Baby E is very at home at Melody's. She is spoiled of course but we all love holding and talking to her. We love making her smile and laugh. She is getting to stay with them more which is making everyone happy. Grandson Q went deer hunting and shot his first deer. His dad says his hands were shaking so hard he don't know how he hit the deer and they were still shaking 30 minutes later from the excitement of getting his first deer. There are pictures of that too. I will be posting photos for a week when I finally get to download them.
Rusty is doing better about going outside for potty breaks but will not go for a walk or stay outside. He is not a snow or winter dog thats for sure. He looks so funny trying to walk and keep his feet off the cold, wet ground at the same time. Troubles is always in trouble but loves the snow and will actually go outside and just lay in it. I spend a lot of time picking up things he knocks off tables, shelves, etc as he goes exploring. I still fight for a space in bed between Troubles and Rusty. They seem to think they should have first choice and I should find a spot that doesn't distrub them. This season has its ups and downs but when I take time to remember the true reason of the season and how blessed I really am its actually a very wonderful one. Have a blessed, happy Christmas and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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DayPhoto said...

I am sure this is a hard time this first year, Dear Friend, Peggy! To let you know that I have enjoyed getting to know you, loving your animals right along with you, and spending blog time with you has made my life a little brighter.

Merry Christmas, Dear Friend


Betsy from Tennessee said...

You all really did get a BUNCH of snow, didn't you??? We never did get much--just a dusting a couple of times. BUT- it has been cold here, so we do have the ice and freezing fog.

Hope this Christmas continues to bring you much joy, Peggy. I know that your life has been hard the past year--but there are so many of us (family and friends) out there who love and adore you.

May God Bless You.
Merry Christmas.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Merry Christmas Peggy!

Sharon said...

Merry Christmas to a sweet blogfriend.
I have enjoyed your blog posts.
Our Maxwell is not a winter dog either, it is fun to watch him try to find a spot in the snow.

Lib said...

I am so Happy you got your snow! :o)
You are such a BLESSING! You have touch my life in more ways than you'll ever know! I always love my visit with you ,you're always so uplifting! I look forward to another yr. of friendship!
Merry Christmas !

Corky Wolf said...

Merry Christmas Peggy!

you got snow before we did.
Supposed to get it tomorrow and have a white Christmas here. AWESOME!

It is just Milt and I this year.
We will go to KC the Tue after Christmas if we can to have Christmas with most of our kids.

You really are blessed. Quit looking back.
Just look forward to your bright future.

Thats an order! Love you Girlfriend.

Nancy said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! Did you ever find that package I sent you? I hope it was not taken or lost since the delivery confirmation shows it was delivered.
Take care and have a Happy New Year!