Friday, December 4, 2009

Tis The Season

Sandy had a good quote on her facebook this morning:
This is the time of year when depression sets in for lots of us. One thing we all have in common is that we suffer from emotional pain from time to time. As we are humans there is no escape from this. However, I have always been a strong believer that it's not what happens to us that shapes our life but, how we respond to what happens. Some of the greatest wisdom we can get in life comes as a side effect of our worst nightmares. Heartache can bring us a appreciation for what has been lost. Remembering what we had in the past gives us a greater appreciation of having been able to have or experience those things in our life. So if we find ourselves in the midst of emotional catastrophes, we can't just sit here and experience the pain. We need to learn from it and use it to make us a better person. I know I am going to try my best to count my blessings and not dwell on the past and what ifs. It's the Christmas season. A time to rejoice.


Donna L. said...

Peggy, I am thankful for you and your upbeat spirit. Thank you for sharing the many wonderful occasions in your life. I would probably be wallowing in my sorrows and sharing far too much information. Blessings to you and your loved ones this Christmas.

Lib said...

Amen Peggy! What a Great Post!
Have agreat wk.end!

Mildred said...

You know I was thinking this week that even though Christmas will never be what it once was, we sure are blessed to have the love of family/friends we do. Now is the time to start new memories and traditions and incorporate our experiences of the past into the new. God bless you and your family.

Blessings said...

Stopping by to say Hello, and to say I love that quote, and hope you don't mind that I posted it on my blog as well.
It gives Hope to this time of year

PEA said...

A great post indeed, sis. I've always said that if we can learn something from pain and heartache, then it's been worth it. You may not know it, but you inspire me so much. Love you sis. xoxox

Mandie said...

Amen to that! I couldn't agree more. The Weaver is a great poem that talks about that. I have it hanging in my kitchen. Hope you have a great weekend!

Kelly or Alex said...

Call me dense but I didn't know you had your blog up and running. I was at Ga Farm Woman and saw your blog. I'm so excited. When I saw the picture of your Mom I knew it was you. I had some catching up reading to do. I love the cabin and Rusty. Your daughters are angels. Then again you are too. Take care and good to see you again.

Linda said...

I often think of where I would be if I didn't have Christ in my life to carry me through the difficult times. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend! In my dining room I have the poem "Footprints" that a friend did in counted cross stitch for me after our little son was killed.
(I love the music on your site!)

Mary said...

An awesome post, Peggy. I thought I'd already commented. Yes, we learn and grow from our emotional pain, if we are wise.

Wishing you a great day and hope you can find the perfect coat.

Rachel said...

Great positive post Peggy for this season! It is indeed sad for so many.

I enjoyed reading your tribute to your precious mother!

Love your frugal tips too!!

Hugs, Rachel

J said...

Great post (((Peggy)))
You are loved. :0)

Barbara said...

Peggy, First I want to say how far you have come and how happy I am for you.

SEcond, your blog is beautiful and your post are inspiring and fun to read.

Third, I am glad you are my blogging friend and I wish you the best ever Christmas.