Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thank You J !

I am so blessed! I was giving thanks for the embroidery floss from Marci while I happily stitched away when I received another package. My wonderful blog friend J sent me a package full of surprises! I think God whispered in her ear as she was filling the box. She sent me a beautiful set of kitchen towels and dish cloths ( I only had one of each before). Some cloth napkins (I have started cutting back on paper products and only had 3 cloth napkins) Some lovely vintage material that I had plans for the minute I saw it. A adorable tea light holder and wonderfully scented tea lights. I love candles and had used all mine up. Embroidery thread (2 of them I needed right away) Knitting yarn (I had decided I was going to start knitting again after Christmas when I could purchase some yarn). A adorable gingerbread photo frame. (Have had a picture forever that needed that size frame). A Christmas brooch ( I picked one up at a thrift store but decided not to spend the money on it). I have it on my sweater. She also included a precious doggy pin that I love! Some laminating sheets for photos (already using them). And she really touched my heart by sending me a angel that belonged to her mother. It is now sitting on my bedside table. A nice big tea mug ( all my tea cups and mugs were left at the farm) that I really needed and love. Inside the mug were beautiful seashells. I will have to hide from the grands as their bathroom is Ocean theme with fishnets and seashells. A nice little book that had me laughing and sharing as soon as I opened it. She hid some old fashioned peppermint sticks in the package. I absolutely love these and think its not Christmas without them. The only problem is Rusty loves them too and will swipe one if you don't hurry and eat it. I had to hide the rest so he wouldn't eat them all. J also enclosed a beautiful Christmas card with a gift card. Made me cry. The gift card will be used for items I have put off getting till after Christmas. Just when I start to wonder how I am going to work in things in my budget God steps in with a wonderful friend like J. Its really hard not to worry and lose patience over things but I truly shouldn't. Blessings and things that are needed always come at the right time. God always provides. I am so blessed J to have you for a friend. Not because you sent the wonderful package (I love everything!) but because of your wonderful words of encouragement, your thoughts and prayers and you love and concern. God has blessed me with such wonderful friends that though I have not met some of you I have a love and bond with nothing could break. Thank you again J. You can only imagine how your wonderful package made my day.


Lib said...

You are so Blessed and Loved! I am so happy for you!
Its hard working a tight budget, but God does provide!
Blessins Friend,Lib

~Nancy~ said...

Keep watching your mail. It is not as wonderful, elaborate gift such as this....but you were in my heart and on my mind.

PEA said...

Awwww sis, this post made me cry because I was so touched by what J did for you. I can well imagine how thrilled you were with everything she sent. God sure does know what kind of friends to send us, doesn't He! Big smiles here for you sis, love you xoxoxo

Linda said...

How very blessed you are to have a wonderful friend like J. God knows your every need. I don't know your circumstances-however I will be holding you in my prayers!
In Christ's Love,

Mari said...

Hi Peggy,
Thanks for stopping over at my blog. What a nice gift package you received. God knew just what you needed and J was so wonderful to send it to you!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Peggy, You are LOVED by all of us.. That was so nice of your friend to send you some goodies. I have met so many wonderful blog friends this past year--and you are ONE of them. Thank you for your special friendship. I feel so blessed.


Marci said...

AAAhhhhh Peggy, all the love you have handed out is not coming back to you my friend!!

Rachel said...

Ahhh..that's really sweet!! Blogging friends are so nice!! What a wonderful early Christmas surprise!!!


J said...

Peggy you were the first to comment when i was doing my first blog and you visit me on my current blog. You've always been supportive and encourage all who visit with you. You are loved. I had been working on that box since back in the summer. I know what hard times are. You can't know the enjoyment you brought me as I imagined your enjoyment when you opened it some cold winter day close to Christmas.
I get so caught up in my situation with mom's Alzheimer's that it is wonderful to work and plan a gift for you.
Many Many Blessings (((Peggy)))