Sunday, August 2, 2009

I Am So Old!

Tonight was Bible School Commencement. I went to see what the grands had been doing all week. This little country church is where I went to Bible School every summer growing up. This is the church where I was a teacher and my daughters went to Bible School every summer growing up. Tonight I actually talked with some ladies that taught me in Bible School! I talked with kids that I taught in Bible School that are now grown and have kids in Bible School. And of course I had fun catching up with friends I went to Bible School with. It was such a wonderful evening. My son in law and grands had to wait awhile on me as each time I started to the car someone else came up to talk. It was a true coming back home experience and it felt perfect. Today was a very blessed day!


Mildred said...

That is wonderful to have reunited with so many familiar faces. It seems no matter how long we stay gone from "home" time seems to not matter when we run into an old familiar face. The church where I grew up and played piano is that way. The little children I taught now have children of their own! What a gift of love and sense of belonging you received today - I am so happy for you.

melissa said...

You needed that, didn't you? Getting back to your roots can be so comforting...the folks who love you no matter.

Brenda Eason said...

awww that is special. It is always nice gong home.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

It is nice to know that some people can go home again.

I always admire people who have a sense of place, where the come from and rooted in. Where I grew up have been so transformed by urbanization that it saddens me to visit there, knowing what has been lost of my childhood. I stay away and enjoy the memories rather than the reality.

Opal said...

I found your message. Sorry it took so long to respond. I hope all is well with you and the family. Miss you.

John Henry and the girls are here with me.

Mary said...


It's always nice to revisit places where we grew up. I'm glad your day was filled with wonderful blessings. I had a blessed Sunday too.

Enjoy your week.

Linda said...

Old, phooey! It musta been nice to 'go home' again Peggy. Did your heart good I imagine.