Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Next?

Granddaughter is recovering nicely from her surgery though her stitches itch. Her dear brother got a little jealous of the balloons and flowers she got and decided to cut himself with a machete. Not really. He was jealous but the cutting part was an accident. He now has 5 stitches after sharpening the blade. His mom told him he couldn't take it outside without adult supervision so he sharpens it with she and I right here and ends up cutting his leg. I don't think this is how he wanted to get balloons and pizza though. I must say the grands have kept it from getting boring around here!


Mildred said...

Oh Peggy, I am sorry. Bless his heart. I think you more than most, know how much a pet can warm our hearts and give us joy. Come see tonight's post and see the MAGIC we found! The 1 yr. anniv of Mama passing is coming up so I know that means Miss Fran passed right about now. I am glad you and I both have new pets to cuddle during the hard times. Love ya,

amelia said...

Oh boy, Here's hoping he heals well! Never a dull moment!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes, kids keep us hopping!!!! There's never a dull moment--especially when they are teens.

Hope your grandson ---and granddaughter--are BOTH okay...

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I'm smiling, Sorry I can't help it. This is how little boys learn.

As a lad of similar age I sharpened a pen knife and then tested it by trying to peel a lemon (I ate lemons in those day like most people eat oranges). I slipped and took a big slice out of the end of my finger. My mother just pushed it back together and bandaged it. To this day, I carry a reminder in the form of a scar.

Marian said...

So sorry to read about the grands' ills. Hope they are soon fully recovered.

Hoping to see more about your cabin soon.

Marian (Miz)