Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Another Day

Yesterday was spent catching up on laundry and playing board games with 2 of the granddaughters. Grands are spread out everywhere. Some are spending night with each other, some are at a friends and then there is football practice and one at cheerleading camp. Takes a lot of energy just keeping up with kids these days! Today I have a housecleaning job that is way out in the country for a nurse friend of Megan's. Will be a beautiful ride that I will enjoy. Tonight is a date with grandsons, popcorn and Big Brother. Tomorrow I will be helping Megan dig holes for 20 trees and working more on her house remodeling. Have pintos in the crockpot. Seems like I don't have alot to do but time sure runs out on me before I finish! Have a blessed day!


Mildred said...

Looks like a pretty day to be driving to the country. What type of trees is Megan planting? If you have had the rain that we have the last few days, the ground should be pretty easy to dig. I have been able to weed pretty easily. Popcorn and games sounds fun tonight. I love buttered popcorn!

DayPhoto said...

I am looking forward to YOUR new home. Will it have a bathroom and shower? A little stove and refrigator, a tiny bedroom in a loft. OH! I can hardly wait!


Mary said...


Enjoy your drive out to the housecleaning job. I hope you remembered to take your camera along.

Planting trees is a lot of work, but the date with the grandsons sound wonderful. Enjoy!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Okay, supper was making my mouth water!! Sounds lovely. C.

PEA said...

Hi sis:-) I've just read your last few posts that I had missed and it sounds like you've been keeping busy but also having fun! The grands must just love having you around:-) I can't wait to see pictures of your little cabin once it's all done, that primitive table your son in law is building you sounds perfect. Think about you often!! Love you sis. xoxo

grammy said...

Had fun catching up. Wish I had something in the crock pot. I love how you spend so much time with the Grands (o:

Barbara said...

Peggy, I read contentment in your post. I hope you are happy now. I believe being surrounded by so many loved ones is just the place for you to find peace and love, you needed in your life.

I pray I am right about how you are feeling now.

Purple hugs,

The Mind of a Mom said...

I so need you to come here and help me get all my stuff done! I am like you there never seems to be enough hours and there is always stuff that needs to be done. I hope the drive was good.