Friday, October 16, 2009

Where Did The Week Go

The days just seem to go faster and faster. Summer is over and fall is suppose to be here though snow flurries are forecast for tomorrow. Think we might just have a early winter. I have been busy taking some of the grands for dental appointments. They have the neatest place for the kids to get their teeth cleaned and some dental work done. Its called the Molar Roller. I didn't have my camera when I took 2 of the grands for teeth cleaning but they have appointments Monday for a couple of fillings. I will be sure and take pictures of this dental office on wheels. The kids enjoyed their visit and I got to watch Sleeping Beauty and read some up todate magazines. Wonder what they will think of next. Grandson had his homecoming game last Saturday. I missed getting the photo of him escorting a cheerleader. The one I snapped he (24) had already gone thru and was standing with the other players.
He has a game tomorrow and one Tuesday then the season will be over. I think he is happy and sad to see it come to an end.
Rusty has a friend over for the weekend. Izzy and he are just friends so don't have to worry about any hanky panky. They enjoy trying to out walking me on the Greenway and playing together on the front porch. She is a sweetie but I have promised her mom I will not spoil her.
Rusty is not going to want Izzy to go home. He loves having someone to run and play with.
Last night we went to a poetry reading at granddaughter's school. Her Language Arts class wrote poems and then set up a coffee shop in the cafeteria for family to listen to their reading. It was very entertaining.
Tonight Brian and grandson are at the HS football game, Megan is working at the hospital and Granddaughter and I are going through Halloween costumes for her cat and puppy.
We might be having fun but I think Kitty Meow and Tisha don't think so. So there you have my week. Not alot going on but enough to at least make me feel useful. Hope each of you have a blessed weekend, stay warm and dry.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, The next time we get close to Franklin, we'll give you a holler... Maybe we can meet you for lunch... We came on Highway 28 and then got on 441 south. Do you live anywhere near there????

Looks like you have had a great week. Izzy is a cutie--but Rusty is cuter!!!! Times have changed since my days of going to the dentist. Mine didn't even use novacaine...Yipes!!!!

Have a great weekend.

amelia said...

Where does life go? I always wonder why it seems to speed up the closer we get to it's end! Morbid thoughts but that's the way it seems.
It's so good that you have all your grandchildren to keep you busy and your four legged friends!!
Will you be able to stay in your cabin for the winter?

Barbara said...

Morning Peggy, Love what you have done with your blog. I am way behind as usual, but I always think of you and how much your life has changed and how happu you are now.

Have a great day and come see me.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Your little dog guest reminds me of a dog I had a while back, Purity. She mysteriously disappeared and I figured some wild animal had grabbed her. Two weeks later just by chance I spotted her 15 miles from home trotting along the highway, heading for home. I did a U turn and gave her a ride. A guess it was not her time to leave me.

The teacher must be an old hippie to have the students set up a coffee house and have a poetry reading. Cool, Man! Far out!

Mildred said...

Good chilly morning Peggy! I know you are enjoying the grands and their activities. I love all the pet photos this morning. What a bunch of cuties! We are dog sitting the two very big goldens next door this weekend. Any one of my pets would be a "snack" for them! ha You stay warm and I'll be looking for those dental office pics next week.

goatpod2 said...

Have a good rest of your weekend Peggy!


PEA said...

Helloooooo dear sis of mine:-) Those grandkids sure keep you busy but oh what fun you're having with them! Even having fun going to the dentist!! lol I love it that they're all involved in something or another and no doubt you are loving being able to share it all with them. I see that the fur babies are also having fun..kind of! LOL Too cute! Love ya sis. xoxoxo

Marci said...

I would love to come and visit you in your little cabin. I can picture all snug in it. I pray you are doing well.

The Mind of a Mom said...

I love Meow's costume, the girl will no let me dress up the cat :o(