Monday, October 19, 2009

One More Game Left

Saturday afternoon found us all bundled up sitting in the Franklin Panther Pit. We arrived in time to watch the Termites and Mites before grandson's team the Midgets played at 8PM. Needless to say we went through the hot chocolate and chips Megan brought as well as the hotdogs and popcorn I packed. It was cold, windy and at times wet but we had a great time. Everyone goes all out with Panther pride and spirit. There are painted paw prints on cheeks (including mine). Faces painted red and white and there are even people wanted to scare the Maroon Devils by wearing masks.
We sure love our Panthers! Finally it was time for the game we had been waiting for. The Mighty Midgets hit the field. Grandson (#24) along with 3 other teammates went out for the coin toss. The game was a exciting one with grandson getting a nice reward of $10 from his mom and dad for 2 awesome tackles. It was so cold the cheerleaders didn't even show up. No problem though as our little group came with our own pom poms, cowbells and mega horn. We more than made up for the absent cheerleaders. Not to mention all the cheering and jumping kept us warm. One more game next Saturday and grandson will be hanging up his jersey. There are still other sports and school events to look forward to but I sure am going to miss cheering on The Mighty Panther Midgets.


Mildred said...

I can remember a few chilly games that sound much like this one! Nothing like hot chocolate and hot dogs to warm you up! GS is blessed to have his own cheering squad for the team!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Go Mighty Midgets! We have a nephew in 8th grade who is playing football, yes it's been cold here too except today it warmed up.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh I do remember many days like this when my kids were playing football... I sat through many games---cold weather, hot weather, rain, etc.... Fun Fun!!!!

Glad you are there, Peggy, to enjoy seeing your grands.

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Aren't you a sport to go to a football game on a cool day. I can't imagine be being cold and wet. If could the water is frozen, if wet it is warm ( for the brave at heart.

I am surprised that the cheerleaders are not made of tough stuff. Here football is sometimes played with snow on the ground and sub 0 F temperatures. The heaters under the players benches helps.

I have one grandson that plays football. I have yet to see him play althought the other day I watched him play hockey in the arena. ( In the glass enclosed portion where it is warm.
I'm too old to rough it in an icebox of an arena. :)

goatpod2 said...

How fun!


DayPhoto said...

Every time I set through a miserable sporting event for the grandkids I tell myself I'm making memories for THEM!


Sharon said...

Oh what memories of sitting in the cold watching a good football game.
Your gs is lucky to have his own cheering section.
My grandson is an 8th grade this year but have not been able to get to go to one game this yr.
Thanks for sharing the cute photos.

PEA said...

I can just picture you all hopping up and down, cheering, getting that cow bell going....hehe! I did that at one of Shawn's hockey games a few years ago...don't think he's forgiven me yet! LOL Would you believe I have never watched a football game? They play in the school field behind here but except for glancing their way once in a while, I've never sat down to watch a game, even on tv. Glad you have such a fun time at these games:-) Love ya sis. xoxo