Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Four Legged Family

Woke up extra early this morning. Too early to get up so just snuggled under the covers and enjoyed the sounds of the day. Rusty and Troubles just seem to know when I am awake. They both scooted even closer to me and nudge my hand, licked my face until they got what they wanted. Rubs and scratches. They seem to enjoy just slowly starting the day. Other dogs and cats in my life were always demanding in the mornings. Wanting me up and feeding them right away. When I get up there is no rushing to their food bowls demanding I fill them. Rusty usually stays in bed for a extra snooze while I watch the morning news, dress and straighten up the cabin. He moves to his chair when I make the bed. Troubles sits in the window looking out waiting for me to open the door so he can go outside. He loves sitting on the porch watching the world go by. I usually leave the door open if it isn't too cool so they can go in and out as they please. Rusty likes to sit on the doormat in the sunshine so he can play guard dog and growl to warn me of a car or person passing by on the road. I fill their food bowls and Troubles comes running. He knows the sound of catfood hitting his bowl. Rusty just looks at his food and then at me. He is waiting for me to fix my oatmeal so he can have some. He is kinda spoiled as he likes to eat whatever I eat. Doesn't matter if its lettuce, onions, whatever. He wants what I eat. Last night we had peanut butter and crackers before bed and I had to eat fast before he ate them all. Rusty will go to his food bowl throughout the day and carry a piece of his dry food to the sofa to eat.He always takes one at a time so it takes him all day to eat a small amount. He will not eat his canned food unless I feed it to him. I can put it in his bowl and it will just sit there and dry up. I can feed it to him on a spoon like a baby and he will eat every bite. Like I said he is kinda spoiled. After I check my email we take a walk. I have to close the door to keep Troubles inside as he likes to go on walks with us. I am going to get a collar and leash for him so he can go with us next time. Rusty doesn't stop and sniff everything like most dogs. He likes to walk at a good pace which is fine by me. He will stop and do his business and get back to walking. Some mornings after he has finished his business he will look up at me and turn back to go home. He isn't in the mood to walk anymore so we go back. The door stays open weather permitting and Rusty and Troubles spend the day going in and out. They make sure they always know what I am doing and making sure I am not sneaking any food without them. Last night I sat down to read. My book was laying open on the sofa. Rusty saw I was going to pick it up to read and knocked it off the sofa sat where the book was and looked at me. Instead of reading I got his brush and spent that time watching TV and brushing him. I did get to read later but one hand was rubbing his belly while I read. Life with my 4 legged family is so entertaining, soothing, and wonderful. They have me trained very well I think.


DayPhoto said...

I love meeting these new friends of of yours! We have two cats one sleeps with my husband and the other one with me. We have one old dog he sleeps on my side of the bed on the floor. Which makes me have to be careful when get up at night or I'll step on him. They all help us do the chores and work with the farm.

I also have a pet hen, Honey. She is determined that I am HERS and only hers. She likes to sit on my lap and be petted. If I don't sit down and pet her she pecks my toes until I do.


Mandie said...

I love animals! We have a cat, 11 chickens and 8 rabbits. My cat pumpkins is a true friend. She follows us everywhere she can go. She will even walk around the block with us just like a dog would. Animals are so precious. Thank you for coming to my blog. I really enjoy your blog and am going to mark it so I can visit over and over!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I won't evern forget when I was recuperating from a broken ankle and surgery, I had to lay on my back for two months, and my dogs would sandwich me between them on the bed, that was the most loving and comforting feeling, I get emotional just thinking about it. Take care Peggy.

Anonymous said...

I love reading about your days with the pets. Our animals provide us with entertainment and joy all day too and I guess they are spoiled also! The love we get in return makes it all worth it though. I bet Harriet would be infatuated with Rusty if we were neighbors. They would make a cute couple!

Brenda Eason said...

Peggy, I think it is amazing how God sends these special babies to us. I know they are filling a void in your life.It is hard to understand if your not an animal person.
I know little Toro hasn't left my side while ive been sick.They sense so much.
Love your song and I will miss you while im away.

Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I really do enjoy hearing about your pets.
They are such a comfort to us just like family.
Ours is so spoiled also.
God bless

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Spoiled rotten puppy... Lucky dog!!!!!! I think it's wonderful that you have a couple of pets that bring you so much joy, Peggy. Hallelujah for that.


JC said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful fur family. They do bring so much to our lives, don't they? I would be so alone without mine.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I know what you mean about the cooler weather, I am so looking forward to some but it is summer-like again down here -hot and humid :(

My Dad has been ill so I've not been blogging for several days. When I get back, I'll share more blooms.

Hope to see you again soon :)

amelia said...

I don't know what we'd all do without our pets! I know my life would be empty beyond words...

Love reading about yours!

Niki RuralWritings said...

We have Jack, the dog. He'll eat anything we eat and what a performer he is! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like they do have you trained pretty well Peggy!! Haha!! They are great companions and I love my furbabies!! Pup loves people food more than his own, but he doesn't like vegetables too much unless they are really buttered up good! Funny how Rusty won't eat his canned food unless you feed it to him! I only feed mine Kibbles and Chunks (plus lots of people food and Beggin Strips), and he likes to eat while I do dishes. If I don't do dishes he usually doesn't eat! When I leave the kitchen (where his food and water are) he will leave too!

Delightful animals brighten our lives!!