Monday, October 26, 2009

Grandma Report

Yesterday was so sunny and beautiful but today the rain is back. Yesterday I had some running around to do and was going to work on a scarecrow today. Hopefully the rain will pass on by and I can get outside this afternoon with the grands to make him. I forgot my camera again for the molar mobile! But Julie has one more appointment and I am going to make sure I pack my camera the night before. Saturday will be the 8Th annual Halloween Party for daughter Megan and family. They go all out with a graveyard, music and dancing area, lots of freaky, scary but yummy food, games and goodie bags for the kids. I will be sitting on my porch dressed as a old gypsy fortune teller. Using my crystal ball I hope to tell lots of fortunes before joining in on the rest of the fun and food. There will be lots of pictures and stories I promise!
Last Saturday was the last game of the season for grandson. They lost the game (6 to 0) but this was by far the best game they played all year. The termites and mites lost by huge differences. The midgets kept the other team on their toes and from scoring even when they were 3 yards from the goal. Even when the other team kept kicking and spitting on them the team played fair and nice. Even when a certain ref made a very bad mistake in a call and no one understood his solution to the call the boys kept their cool, played hard but fair. When the game was over and though we lost, everyone in the stands stood up, clapped, and cheered for the Mighty Panther Midgets. We all knew what a rough, hard game they had played united as a team and we were very very proud of those boys!We won't mention a certain grandma yelling and wanting to smack a certain ref. Nor will we get into that same grandma screaming at the announcer of the game and then yelling out the plays made by Franklin since he preferred to just dramatize the other teams plays. I will mention that grandson#4 has signed up for wrestling. I see this grandma not hanging up her Panther shirt just yet.
Last evening I rode with Megan and family to purchase pumpkins. Its hard to find pumpkins after 5PM but we found some really beautiful ones. Every lamppost, storefront in town is decorated for fall.
I am starting to do some embroidery and hand stitching (yes, I am turning into my mother) and having a hard time finding inexpensive embroidery floss. Walmart or Kmart doesn't carry it or at least ours doesn't. There is a sewing shop here but I can't afford to pay $1.29 a skein. I know there has to be floss for a lot less than that somewhere and that doesn't charge a fortune for shipping. I found 8 skeins at a thrift store for only 10 cents but haven't seen anymore. Doing hand stitching keeps my hands busy while I watch TV in the evenings plus when finished can be given as Christmas gifts!
So that's whats going on in my neck of the woods... how about yours?


Mildred said...

We have heavy rain today too Peggy. The big Halloween party sounds fun and I look forward to the pictures. I know you are very proud of your grandson and his team mates - they are very mature to have handled a difficult situation in such a respectful way. I always enjoyed keeping busy on embroidery projects. Is there a Hobby Lobby or Michael's any where near you? They usually have good prices on thread - one or the other almost always has it on sale. Hope you get to make that scarecrow!

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Pumpkins may be in short supply around here this year. The summer was wet and cool, many rotted on the field. I heard some growers lost as many as 40%. I will visit our local Liesure Farm which grows them and take my chances.
Almost time to carve a Jack O Lantern.

Get ready! That grandson signing up for wrestling will want to try some moves out on you soon. You will know when he politely asked you to get down on your hands and knees.
Perhaps, the coach could teach you some defensive counter moves and you could surpise the young lad.

Sharon said...

I know what you mean about being a grandma (cheerleader) I used to get upset with a lot of calls.
Thanks for sharing your days with us.
Have a blessed one.

DayPhoto said...

That was beautiful visit in town!

Soccer is over for us for little Bladen, and his Momma's sport of volleyball is now done, but we head into basketball season next....


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Hey Peggy! Just comimg by to say "hi"! Hadn't visited in awhile!


Brenda Eason said...

Peggy the party sounds like a blast. Im so excited to see the photos.
It is funny how we become our mom,but wow what an honor.

Mildred said...

Peggy - I was visiting another blog and saw that Amazon sells DMC floss reasonably (depending on shipping costs!) at

J said...

hmmm I'd like to have seen the the looks granny was giving that Ref! I bet she was shooting flames:0)
We don't have any fabric stores in our town, either. It's almost an hour drive to the nearest Hobby Lobby.
I bet that Halloween party will be hilarius. have fun!