Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Quiet Day

Good Day Everyone,
It is so quiet today. The grands are back in school. Daughters and Son in Law's are at work. Quiet is good sometimes so I plan on embracing it and getting somethings done for the big Halloween bash. The grands carved their pumpkins last night.
With a little help from their dad I think they did a awesome job. All the grands are getting excited about Halloween and having their friends come to the party. They have changed their mind several times on what they are dressing up as so I guess I will just have to wait and see Saturday.

I am sitting at the computer in Megan's livingroom and am watching Rex and Tisha. They are on the back of the love seat looking out the window, waiting on the grands to come home from school. They look so sweet.
I am so sad my sweet friend Rosa's mother passed away. She had the most beautiful smile in the world. Her eyes lit up and you could just see the love and happiness flow from them.
The weather has felt like summer the last couple of days. Yesterday was 75F and today is suppose to be the same. Showers and cooler temps are scheduled for tomorrow.Seems like we should be decorating for 4Th of July instead of Halloween. I have done a little decorating to my tiny cabin. Megan gave me some windsocks, skeleton's, and pumpkins that light up. I made my scary man to sit in my chair though looking at the photo I can see I need to fluff him up a bit. Troubles and Rusty have been climbing on and laying in his lap.If you are looking for a yummy but easy donuts then you really must try Farm Chicks recipe. I made a batch and we all loved them. Plan on making more as soon as cooler weather comes back.
These applesauce donuts are perfect for a cold night with a cup of hot cider or hot chocolate.
Now I think its time for me to go enjoy the quiet of the day. Have a blessed day and don't forget to count those blessings.


amelia said...

Donuts look really good!!

We used to dress our house when we live in the city but now there's no one here so we don't and I must admit, it's a relief not to have to do it!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, Isn't it just amazing how your life has changed in a year??? You are now re-living your childhood WITH your grands... Halloween is just so special for kids----and we Grandmothers can enjoy it with them. Right?????? Love your decorations. AND--their pumpkins are just so neat.

I'm sorry to hear about Rosa's mother. She was a beautiful woman.

Take care...

PEA said...

I'll be right over for one of those donuts (oh heck, make that TWO) and a cup of hot cider:-) I'm very impressed with the pumpkins the grands carved...tell them I need them here tomorrow to carve mine now! lol That's the fun of the days leading up to Halloween, changing our minds often of what we'll dress up as! hehe Love the way you decorated your little cabin, sis.

My heart goes out to Rosa and her family. Love you sis. xoxox

Mildred said...

That is the sweetest pic of Rex & Tisha! Your family's Halloween plans sound like a lot of fun. We don't have trick or treaters here. I did purchase a pumpkin pie at the bakery for Nalley and me!!! Thse donuts look really good and I love your decorations at the cabin. I know you always loved to read. Have your read anything lately?

DayPhoto said...

You sound so happy now. I am so happy for you. I love your little cabin and your decorations are fun. Next you get to decorate for Thanksgiving and then Christmas! And hopefully we will get to see what you do!


The Mind of a Mom said...

So Sorry to hear about your loss of your friend. I love those pumpkins they are great!
Happy Halloween ~ Hope you have a spooktacluar weekend

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

The Jack-O-Lanterns are great. I hope you did not throw away the seeds. The best part of Halloween for me is baking the seeds in the oven and eating them. Better than sunflower seeds.

I live too far out of town for young people to come by here. I have had about 6 in 30 years.
I do enjoy buying some candies to give away and then eating them myself.

Barbara said...

Morning Dear Friend, Sounds like life is being really good to you. Yes, peace and quite is very good sometimes.

The carved pumpkins are darling, the grands did a great job. Have a Happy Halloween.


J said...

I think those donuts would be great with hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon and strong black high octane coffee.
hmmm guess I need to make my hot cocoa mix.
Blessings this coming week :0)