Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No Ice Storm!

The temps didn't get low enough so we just got rain.. thank goodness. We still have snow coming in Thursday night and lasting through till Sunday. Being without power didn't bother us at all. I stayed next door at Megan's as they have a woodstove. We were all nice and warm and had gas lanterns that kept the house lit up. There was lots of games of Uno and regular card games. Lots of sledding and snowball fights ending with lots of snow clothes drying out behind the stove. I just love snow and can't wait for the one on the way. Have caught up with a few of your blogs and hope to catch up with the rest over the next couple days. Everyone sure has been busy! As promised am posting a photos from the 92 on my camera. These are from the middle schools winter concert. Grandson Z and Granddaughter H are in the band. The spring concert coming up will have Grandson Q in the chorus and Granddaughter G in the band. Z is standing in back row of band holding his instrument. H is the only one with her jacket still on playing a flute. Z also played the big bass drum but that photo was blurred.

My online devotional had the following poem that I want to share with you. Have a blessed day!

Your Blessings Are So Many, Lord!

               Your blessings are so many, Lord,
                    To count them one by one
              Would take much longer than a day
                    That has just now begun!

                You fill each day with miracles
                   From dawn to setting sun.
            Each night You hear a million prayers
                   When day's work is done.

                You keep this old world spinning
                      As seasons come and go,
                   And each one is a masterpiece
                      That stets our hearts aglow.

                You fill the earth with beauty, Lord,
                   With flowers, shrubs and trees,
                  And we marvel at Your rainbows
                       And butterflies and bees.

                Your words still give us comfort
                   For Your promises are true.
              Your blessings are so many, Lord,
                       In everything we do!
                                         Poet, Clay Harrison


Lib said...

Hi Peggy,
Happy to hear you didn't get ice!

Joyceann can't leave a comment ,it want let her.She ask me to give you her e address and ask You to e her. I can't find your address.
Hope you have a great day!

PEA said...

Glad to hear the ice storm missed you...snow is good...ice not so good!!! Loved seeing the pictures of the grands in the concert, so much talent:-) Love ya. xoxo

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, We didn't get any ice last night or today either. We just had rain --and it's been VERY foggy here all day. We still have alot of snow and ice around --so I don't know how long it will be before they can go back to school...They have some days built in --to their schedule, but I don't know how many.

Glad you seem to be doing so well. Take care!!!

Linda said...

Great concert pictures! Thank you for sharing today's devotion poem with us! We are blessed.

Kelly or Alex said...

Hi Peggy, I'm so glad you have pictures again. What a great music program the school has. It seems like everyone is getting snow except Maine. How wrong is that? I'm glad that you enjoy the snow. I do too. One of the reasons I moved to Maine. Happy to have you back, you were missed. Can't wait for pictures of the snow.

melissa said...

Hey sweet friend. Love seeing your photos all the time! And glad you escaped the ice. Ours is now all gone! Phew!

Bless you, friend. Enjoy your Wednesday. :)

Marci said...

It is good to see your posts on here again. I am glad that the ice storm missed you.