Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunny Saturday

The sun is shining brightly and the snow is melting some but thats okay. Tonight and tomorrow is suppose to bring more so I won't be greedy . Went for a walk with Rusty and everything is so beautiful covered in snow. I am staying at Megan's house for a few days keeping their woodstove going. They have gone to Winston Salem to visit Brea. She was in congestive heart failure on the way from Asheville to there but is doing a little better each day. I can't remember what Megan said they found out she had but 1/3 of children who get it get over it with medication, 1/3 don't make it, and 1/3 have to have a heart transplant. Thank you for your prayers for Brea and I hope you will continue to pray for her. The photo is of Brea with GD "G" taken at Christmas.
I am enjoying sitting by Megan's woodstove drinking hot tea and watching Rusty with Megan's dog's. They get along good until it comes to who gets to sit in my lap. Last night I had Rusty, Rex, Tisha, and Troubles sleeping with me. Made things interesting when I needed to turn over.


ga.farmwoman said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Brea. The photo is beautiful of Brea and G.
We have enjoyed our woodheater this winter too. It warms you down to the bones.
Our snow is melting fast today also. I don't know if we will see any more snow for a while so I am enjoying the beauty of it for now.
Have a great day.

Rachel said...

Sunshine! No sun here today. We had snow earlier but it melted.

Sounds like you have to fight for room in bed with that gang! I know the feeling, but it's a warm feeling.....except when they want to be bed hogs! LOL

Linda said...

Prayers for Brea, Megan and the entire family! Also praying for the medical staff who are working with her! The woodstove and tea sound delightful!

Jo said...

I will keep Brea in my prayers. We sure love our woodstove. It is getting to be too much on us though trampling through the snow to haul wood in. I hate to think of it but I am sure that eventually we will need to find a different heat source and just use the wood stove as back up or as a treat.

No bigger than Buddy is when he climbs in bed with us, which is every night, he scoots my out first and then starts working on JD... Stay warm Peggy.

Juli said...

Healing, strenght and love


and all her loved ones.

I'm so glad you got snow :) I know it's a great hardship for many but it should also be appreciated and I thought of you as soon as we heard it was headed that way.

many blessings and all good things for you and all of yours :)

The Mind of a Mom said...

All the Canadian prayers we have here in Canada are being sent Brea's way! I hope everything works out

miss*R said...

I will say prayers to Peggy xoxo
such a worry when out little grandbabies are ill

Betsy from Tennessee said...

My prayers are with Brea...

Enjoy your wood stove and you babies... Sounds like you have alot of special love for Valentines Day...

My Love and Hugs to you, Peggy.

amelia said...

Oh that's just awful, poor little thing. I do hope she pulls through and heals completely!!

I fully sympathise on the animals on the bed thing!!:)

Marian said...

We are adding Brea and all who love her to our prayers and best wishes.


Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

May wee Brea have the strength and courage to face the medical challenge she faces. All those who love her need to seek all the strength of the Spirit to be supportive of her at this time.

Peggy, I am sending you another little dog.Check you email from me.
:) I promise , Jack will not take up any space in your bed. He is a desk top dog.

I hope you enjoyed the opening celebrations of the Olympics. He tried to say something about Canada, our culture and values.