Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On The Edge

I have a twin size bed in the tiny cabin. Rusty and Troubles take naps on the sofa, under the bed or Troubles special spot is on a baby blanket on top of the microwave so he can look out the kitchen window. They don't bother with the bed. The minute they see me get into my pj's and start to get ready to turn in( I like to swivel the TV around to watch the news in bed) they make a mad dash for the bed. I have made jokes about sleeping on the edge but decided to take the camera to bed with me to show you. Its a very comfortable bed or at least I think it is from the edge. That hump you see on the right is me. You will notice Rusty and Troubles are in the middle of the bed very comfortable dreaming away. After taking the picture last night I got to thinking about being on the edge. I am on the edge in more than just the bed. I pray to God about my needs, worries, wants, etc for his help. The thing is I stay on the edge of trusting him completely to answer those prayers. I stay on the edge by praying but going on and doing what I think I should do to answer those things myself. I need patience to wait for him to answer those prayers in his time and in his way. I need to get off the edge and trust him completely. He has always taken care of me. He has always been here through mistake, wrong turn, etc I have taken. Waiting for me to get off that edge, let go and let him take control.....
Yesterday I did have someone else in my bed. There was no daycare because of the weather so Melody let me spend the day with Baby E and her brother J. We had a blast and they got to take a nap on the bed without any animals trying to hog in. Thank you Melody. I had so much fun. The snow is almost all gone and everyone is back at school and work. Brian is installing a tiny woodstove in the tiny cabin today! I am very excited and will be posting photos for

 sure. Have a blessed day!


Sharon said...

This is a beautiful post. I also need to get off the edge and trust in the Lord fully.
We have a lump in our bed at night also, but it sure does make a good foot warmer.
Have a great day.

melissa said...

Or maybe on the flip-side we need to be willing to fall off the edge, knowing we'll be caught.

I have such trouble with this, myself. So hard to trust, but in my head when I pray, I so often hear that still, small Voice asking, "Do you trust Me?" My answer isn't always yes, either, but I wish it was.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

When I was on my back recovering from ankle surgery, I remember so fondly that my dogs would lay on each side of me while I recuperated, a wonderful feeling because I was quite sad at the time.

Mildred said...

Hi Peggy, What a sweet post...I look back through the mountains and valleys of life and remind myself that the Lord has always sustained me. It's not always easy to be patient though.
I have to giggle a little at your photo of Rusty and Troubles. Animals have a knack for getting in the middle of the bed and no amount of anything will move them!!! I agree though that they are so warm and sweet UNTIL they decide they want to be fed in the middle of the night!
Can't wait to see and hear about the new woodstove. What a neat place to read and enjoy a cup of tea!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute post, Peggy... Those babies of yours do want the middle don't they???

I guess we all live on the edge most of the time. The decisions we make can take us one direction or another. Sometimes we do great and other times we don't.. That's just life!!!!!

I loved your Valentine post. NEAT...

We have about 8 inches of snow on the ground and I'm not sure it is over yet. It has snowed off and on all day. We need to go to Hendersonville to check on George's parents tomorrow--but we're not sure we can get there safely.

Hope everyone is healthy there now.

The Mind of a Mom said...

The Lord lets us feel like we are walking on the edge but we really do have his hands there to catch us!

PEA said...

My goodness, sis, I didn't realize I had missed so many of your posts! Aaaarrggghhh!! How funny about Rusty and Troubles hurrying up to take the best spot in bed when they know you're going to bed! hehe

It is indeed very hard to be patient when waiting for an answer to our prayers but as you say He is always there for us and will answer us in His time:-)

Such precious pictures of Baby E and her brother J sleeping. Love you sis. xoxo

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

I know what you mean about sleeping in a crowded bed. I have a double bed and with Heidi being as big as she is and also sometimes enjoying to lie spread out, it is hardly big enough. We also have her pet kitten and friend join us. I often cling to the edge to stay on the lifeboat of "rest". We have made some accomadations. Quite often Heidi will begin curled up at the end of the bed only to join me, sharing my pillow by morning. Our early morning moments together are some of the best in the day as she enjoys my stroking the fur on her neck and face. As you would say, "She is one of my blessings."

I hope life gets easier for you. I know it is a struggle these days. You are a strong person whose faith supports you through dark days. I admire this in you while at the same time I do not share this kind of faith.

At least "Jack" the desktop dog does not take up room in the bed. :)

notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

This is an absolutely lovely post!

J said...

LOL I sleep on my side and around 4/5am ShellBee cat drapes herself across my hip and sleeps.
You'll love that little wood stove! What a cozy home.
Take care.

wendyusuallywanders said...

I thought of this post many times last night! I picked the cat off the bed and put her on the chair, but Zeke dog was already in bed and immovable. I had to fit myself in at several angles. Then the cat came back by my head. They had most of the comfy spots :-P


I have had my oldest grandson because of illness in the other family for 2 days and will for 2 more just to be on the safe side; i love it! Thank goodness for my king bed though

Mary said...

how precious!

I miss my grandbabies so so much!