Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sunny Cold Thursday

Good Morning everyone!
The sun is shining. The wind isn't blowing but its not snowing. Oh well hopefully more snow this weekend. I can't be greedy. I am at Melody's today taking care of Grandson J. He is the last one to get the stomach bug. Megan was asking us the other night if we had rather be sick with something else for a week or have this stomach bug. We all chose to be sick with something else for a week. That stomach bug is rough! I think Rusty even had it as he threw up 3 times.

Megan and Brian's niece ( I think she is 4) is in the hospital. First she was here and they couldn't get her fever down so they sent her to Asheville. They did surgery and drained her lymph nodes in her neck as they were infected. Her kidney's started producing too much proteinher lungs colapsed, and they found a leak in her heart. Asheville hospital sent her to the Children's Hospital in Winston Salem. Please keep Brea and her parents in your prayers. They still don't know what is wrong and are starting from scratch with tests today.

The grands all got their report cards. Some made A B honor roll.Some almost made honor roll but had a high C in one class. And one who will remain nameless who always makes A honor roll and is in Beta club made a D in gym. Not because she couldn't do gym but because she forgot her gym clothes on gym days and couldn't dress out. Did I forget to tell you she is our blonde in the family? LOL Anyway her dad has fixed that problem. If she forgets one more time she has to wear her gym clothes to school on gym days and wear them all day. Oh the horror! A teenage girl being seen in gym clothes by all her friends all day at school! She thinks that is so unfair but I have to say I think it might work.

I have some photos to show of the tiny cabin. I framed and hung some of my stitchwork and it really makes the cabin look homey and primitive like I want. The photos are on my camera at home so will post them tomorrow. Thank you again for the embroidery thread,sewing projects, and knitting supplies. I am really enjoying them and keeping my hands busy.

Don't forget to count your blessings, no matter how large or small!

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Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

yes, the wind has died down, here too

Marci said...

Peggy, don't be jealous of the snow up here. Come on up for a visit!!! I would love to have you and you can enjoy the snow to your hearts content!!!

grammy said...

Thanks for stopping by (o:
The sun makes everything seem soooo much better doesn't it?
This looks different here, but I think I know where I am
said the 'old lady'
we are warming our sun

amelia said...

I am finding that the sun is getting stronger. It really warms up our living room once it gets round in the afternoon!!

Still isn't warm enough to melt the snow and ice though.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, I know you and your family will be happy when all of the sickness goes away... You all have had your share this year... Of course, when there are lots of kids around --that is what happens. I don't miss those days at all. Glad you are there to help.

Take care of YOU.

Sharon said...

Prayers for Brea. Hope that she is home soon.
It was sunny here for about 2hours and now the clouds have moved in.It was so nice to see for awhile
Hope everyone gets over the bug soon. I have heard it is a real mean one.
Thanks for stopping by.

Kelly or Alex said...

We are glad that the stomach bug has finally ran it's course. Enough of that! I'm terribly sorry to hear about Brea. Thank goodness they transfered her to Childrens Hospital. Many prayers going their way. No snow here. We can see the yard and driveway. Even the ice is going away. I miss it:( Take care, looking forward to your pictures.