Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This and That

Thank you for all your prayers for Brea. She is now home and getting better everyday. She still has to go have checks on her heart every week for awhile to make sure the medication is working but she is doing great. Prayers work miracles.

Please keep Megan and family in your prayers. There are some very stressful things going on in their lives at the moment. She knows God never gives us more than we can handle but she is overwhelmed with some burdens and could use our prayers.

Ms. Spring has been peeking her head in around here. We have had 60F temps the last few days and I have actually enjoyed it. Mrs. Winter isn't ready to leave yet as they are calling for snow tomorrow night and Thursday morning. That's fine with me as I am not ready to bid goodbye to winter yet.

This won't mean anything to most of you except Debbi but I got to talk to Kuma (Debbi's dog) on the phone this morning. I was told Kuma starting wagging her tail and tried to lick the phone.

I have spent the morning at Melody's while the gutter guys put new gutters on their house. Rusty thought he was being protective by barking each time they made a noise. Its made for a noisy morning.  I am going to cook supper for everyone so need to go check Melody's freezer and decide what to fix. Its fun cooking and eating with a housefull of kids and grandkids. Plus I get to play with Baby E and brother J!

Working on some changes so may not post for a few days. Will catch up and post changes soon. Have a very blessed day!


PEA said...

I've always strongly believed that the power of prayer does indeed work:-) Glad to hear that Brea is now home and recovering and of course my prayers continue for her as well as for Megan and her family.

It's 24F here as I type this so Mr. Winter is still alive and well! lol We won't be seeing 60F for a couple of months yet.

Hmmm, now you have me curious as to what changes you're talking about!!! lol Take care of YOU, sis, and know that I love ya!! xoxo

JoyceAnn said...

Hi Peggy ~ I'll be praying for Brea and Megan's family. Sorry to hear about the sickness and struggles.
I remember " Kuma " , bet she does remember you. That's so sweet that she tried to lick the phone.

~ Be Blessed ~

amelia said...

I also remember Kuma. I hope she's happy and safe. Is she back with her owners yet?

It's good that Brea is getting better and I hope all will be well with Megan and family.