Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Post For Anonymous Commenters and Emailers.

 I usually delete and forget the comments and emails from people that don't approve of my posts on being frugal, living in a tiny cabin, being separated from my husband, and the best one: being miss goody goody with all the blessings. I decided today to try to answer some of their comments and emails in hopes they will understand (if they are really wanting to) or be happy they got a response from me and go away. So if you my dear blog friends and neighbors will overlook this post I will be back to "normal" or at least my normal postings later.

Why am I pushing frugal on people? Well, I didn't know I was pushing. I was frugal in the past because I enjoyed it. Now I am even more frugal and penny pinching because I have to be. I still enjoy it and love finding frugal tips to pass on you but I in no way mean to make you think you have to be frugal too. I know to the penny how much I have to spend each week so think of it as a challange to find a way to spend even less than the week before but not do without the things I need. So yes, you will find frugal posts here. You don't have to read them but if you do I am sure you remember I don't have to publish your nasty comments.

Why do I have a dog and cat if I am pinching pennies? Because I am a animal lover. Because they needed a home and I needed them. They are like family to me and yes, they are a little too spoiled but I wouldn't have brought them home if I had any doubt I couldn't afford to feed them. If something were to happen and I could no longer care for them they have a home waiting for them. I don't see my ever having to do that but just incase I made sure they will always have a good home.

Why did I waste money on a birdfeeder if I am so frugal? Well, My daughter Megan surprised me with a money gift and since I have missed my birdfeeders from the farm I bought one to hang on the cabin porch. I am even planning on getting another one along with a suet feeder so am sure that will really make you mad. I keep a list of things that I would like to purchase, find or make but don't need and when a few extra pennies is saved or a gift appears I mark something off my list.

Why am I living in a tiny cabin? Because I have a wonderful daughter and son in law. They purchased a prebuilt cabin and set it up on their property. I am close to family but yet have my own space. I have a kitchen area, living area, and a bedroom area. I use daughters bathroom and laundry and everything else I need is in my tiny cabin. I love it. I enjoy planning, making, redoing, rearranging, etc to make it homey and primitive. I enjoy planning ways to make it a more frugal way to live. Its not for everyone so don't worry if you don't understand.

Why am I not living with my husband? That one is really none of your business. And from your nasty comment I think you are a unhappy person that has to try to make others feel bad inorder to make yourself feel better. Sorry it didn't work.

And the last one... A goody goody with all the blessings? Don't even think of myself as a goody goody. I am far from that but I do have all the blessings. All the blessings God gives me each day. That was the purpose of this blog... to count and share my blessings. Each morning when I wake up the first thing I do is thank God for a new day and ask him to bless me and mine. I read my devotionals for the day, my Bible scripture for the day and start my day. Each night I ask God to watch over and bless me and mine through the night. I talk to him about friends, family, problems, needs, etc and then I thank him for my blessings of the day. I then read some in another devotional book, a chapter in the Bible and write in my prayer journal. At the end of the prayer for that day I write 5 blessings I am really thankful for. So yes, I have lots of blessings but sorry I am not the goody, goody you thought.

Everyone that blogs gets nasty or hurtful comments or emails but I hope we won't let those keep us from blogging whats in our hearts. None of us can make everyone happy or like us. We can only write what we want to share with our friends, family and blog neighbors and not worry about those that only read blogs to leave nasty comments because they are so unhappy with their own life. So keep blogging! I promise I'll not leave a anonymous comment. I promise my comments will have my name and hopefully will let you know how much I enjoy your posts.

Now here is a frugal recipe that I tried and really liked. Not saying you have to be frugal to try it nor do you even have to try it.... just saying its frugal and its good!


Often thought of as a traditional Native American food, it’s been made by the tribes of the Southwest only within the last hundred years. It contains few ingredients indigenous to the lands of the Old West. Most frybread ingredients came from the new settlers and were acquired by tribes through trading.
Development of this tasty bread most likely happened as a result of need by two cultures, which found that frying bread in a skillet could save time; the result traveled well and lasted longer than other breads.
You can vary this recipe by changing the size of the pieces or roll it out to ¾ inch thick, which takes longer to fry but gives the bread a chewier texture.
FRYING TIME: Approx. 15 seconds per side
3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon granulated sugar
1 ½ cups whole milk
2 tablespoons shortening or lard, melted

Blend all four dry ingredients. Add the milk and shortening, slowly stirring with a wooden spoon. It will appear very dry. Turn out on floured board or counter and knead dough until firm, but don’t overdo it. Pat out the dough to about ¼ inch thick. Cut into circles any size that will fit the frying pan. Heat about 2 cups of oil in your skillet to 375 degrees (a 1 inch cube of bread will brown in 1 minute at 375 degrees). Carefully slide your dough into the pan. The fry bread should puff up immediately. Turn once (very carefully) when golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towels.
Use frybread any way you can imagine. For example, fill with fruit and fold over like a taco shell. Top frybread with taco meat mixed with a can of diced tomatoes, shredded lettuce, avocados, olives, jalapenos, shredded cheese, and sour cream.


Marian said...

Peg, good for you. A fitting reply to anyone who wishes to put you down for being you. I have been happy to know you..first on, in our few telephone conversations and during my reading of your blog.

Those who would put you down, demean your lifestyle or question your actions must have little in their own lives and have not the ability to find joy in the little things of life. It is a glorious way to live.


SciFiChick said...

Peggy.. you just keep on keeping on... forget the trolls. You are on the path to what makes you happy and if folks don't "get" it... well pardon my french...but screw them!

Linda said...

Wow Peggy! That's a real bummer about the nasty comments! Geesh, what right do they think they have anyways?


Kelly or Alex said...

Peggy, What comes over people? Like you said, they are unhappy, hurtful, ugly on the inside but still are blessed whether they like to admit it or not. They are alive, see the sunrise and exist. That is three blessings right there. Don't stop being you. We love that. You are a treasure. Thank God for family. Circumstances change, sometime against our own wishes. Family is what keeps us going. Family doesn't have to be blood relatives either. Our family proves this fact. You get the last laugh on these people. You can giggle like crazy when you delete their comments. Have a good day. Be frugal, happy, blessed or crazy as a bedbug.
Kelly ;)

amelia said...

I can't believe people actually write this stuff!! None of it is anyones business but yours and whoever you choose to share it with! I had no idea this was happening and you are right to just delete the comments, don't give them an audience!!

Good for you Peggy, keep on keeping on and don't ever give up!!

I love your positive attitude although it can't always be easy!!!


Mildred said...

Peggy, I have so many thoughts trying to make their way to my keyboard after reading your post. However, as I pondered, I concentrated on the background music you had playing. The music pretty much says it all....."I HAVE SOMEBODY WITH ME" God understands when no one else does. Friends are the rare gems that God places in our lives who are with us thru the good and the hard times. Friends don't need to ask questions but instead offer a shoulder in times of need. My suggestion would be to prevent anonymous users from commenting via your setup. Just remember how many true friends God has provided through blogging.

Perri said...

Unbelievable! It's just amazing how someone can attack you for the way you live. I know God is using you as an example to so many on how we are instructed to live.

Live a simple life, mind your own business and be content no matter what is going on in your life. Then you throw in the added bonus of praising him in all circumstances.

I'm sorry you had to be subjected to such rudeness. You are a wonderful person!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Peggy, I sent you an email with my thoughts. Just remember that you are a GREAT lady and have made so many positive steps this past year.

God Bless You.

Jerri said...

I, for one, enjoy your frugal tips. If people don't like your blog why don't they just click out of's that simple. Thank you for your posts and helpful tips.....


Anonymous said...

I have not commented on your blog in a long time and i'm not sure if I ever have but I read you every day just to see how you are but this..I really thought that in order to read your blog it had to be by invitation only anyway thats how I got to it. So you must "know" these people right? This is your blog, your business, your thoughts if they don't like reading what you have to say why don't they go elsewhere. There are millions of blogs out there. Unbelieveable. I'm sorry this world has developed to this end. You must apply this daily, delete,,delete,, Blessings to you Peggy.
Nell in Virginia

Judy said...

That's strange - most of the comments I get are totally different - and I have a frugal blog too. Strange isn't it how different folks flock to different sites.


melissa said...

You know, I really can't stand comments that are either negative or plain old cutting. Some folks seem to make a habit of saying online what they'd *never* say to a person's face. Amazing, isn't it? And especially to a stranger. They'd never do that, but the anonymity of online-ness allows it.

You go, girl. That folks can be so insensitive boggles my mind. I'll stand beside you, and anyway, considering the odds you've dealt with this past year, I think you're doing great. :)

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Amen!!!! Well said. Hugs, Marty

Marci said...

Peggy, I have to admit I am shocked. I have had an occasional bad comment, but you are so precious and sweet and giving and loving. It makes me mad to think that someone has to post ugly things about you or comments to you. It just shows that they are miserable unhappy people who need to get a real life. Ignore them my friend. Life is to precious to waste it on people like that. Keep on doing what you do. I love it!!!!